Sunset Overdrive's most adorable secret uncovered

It's taken avid fans seven days to discover one of the cutest secrets tucked away inside Sunset Overdrive - a character costume inspired by Ainsley. She's the now four-year old daughter of game director Drew Murray, and in turn, one of the inspirations for the game itself.

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FlyGuyHung1538d ago

"And what does Ainsley think about all of this? "She loves it," says her proud dad. Sunset Overdrive marks the first time the five-year old has ever held a game controller, but her Dad's not too worried about the in-game violence. Using his super-special Insomniac powers, Drew simply turned the game's monsters off, so Ainsley could run around the streets of Sunset City doing whatever she felt like."

Damn... Thats Dad of the Year material right there. Lucky kid.

halfblackcanadian1538d ago

That's... awesome.
I kind of hope the use "empty Sunset City" and do a speed-run DLC kind of like the Mirror's Edge time challenges (or even add graffiti and call the DLC Sunset Overgrind)

TheOnlyMastrx1538d ago

That is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Haven't played yet, but hopefully will as soon as I get my Xbox One at the end of the month.

Scatpants1538d ago

Easily the best game on xbox1 maybe the best next gen game.

Kingdomcome2471538d ago

I'm inclined to agree with you. I haven't had this much fun in a game in some time. Insomniac has now developed two of my most enjoyable gaming experiences in this, and Ratchet&Clank.

Scatpants1538d ago

It's just always fun. There's almost no low points.

Kingdomcome2471538d ago

That is so awesome. I love Insomniac, and hope that this game does well. Not so much for the platform's sake, but theirs. It's so easy to lose hours in this game. I've played this for about nine hours now, but I've only done around three story mission lol. It's so dang hard to stay on track in this game.

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