Games for Ice Cream: At The Toy Gun and Violent Videogame Exchange

Every Sunday in October Marin County held a violent videogame exchange. Paste Magazine was there for the first one. How many games were traded in?

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CerealKiller1538d ago

The one game traded in was based on history, and also probably had no trade in value at gamestop.

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Dirtnapstor1536d ago

This type of program is silly. Some are completely missing the point.
iPads and movie download Modern Combat 5 and go see John Wick!

Dan501536d ago

COD 3 is T rated not M!

Blacktric1536d ago

Shh. You aren't helping them to push their agenda through disinformation!

Scatpants1536d ago

Another one of these. Could everyone stop being stupid, please?

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