5 Games We're Looking Forward to in November

Paste Magazine looks at five November releases they can't wait to play.

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BitbyDeath1535d ago

Looking forward to LBP3.
Strange I have not seen a preorder option on the Euro store yet.

otherZinc1535d ago ShowReplies(2)
jrshankill1535d ago

I have a habit of picking up the LBP games (even that abysmal kart game) so I will be picking up LBP3.

Honestly though, Halo and Smash Bros have my attention a whole lot more.

ashen1221535d ago

looking forward to LBP3 in the day with the family then GTA5ps4 at night with friends.

bouzebbal1535d ago

PES and LBP here.
maybe GTA but i'm not sure.

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