You CANNOT Escape "Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare"

A short film about a group of friends arguing the merits of the new "Call of Duty," "Destiny" and more.

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qwerty6761539d ago

was that supposed to be funny?

Baka-akaB1539d ago

I've managed quite well thus far lol . Hell this year might be the first time i have 0 friends in the list playing it . By sheer luck and of course socialization and aggregation of common tastes , i have a list that never cared for it .. but always had 1-3 playing .

Phene1539d ago

I got suckered into buying this game after giving up cod many years ago. Let me say, nothing has changed, in fact the gameplay has devolved. Modern warfare was at least tolerable ...I regret buying this, cod would be so much better if they just slowed it down a little and organized how you respawn but ehh losing battle, it's a cash cow.

TheEnigma3131539d ago

I've escaped COD for years now. There's a reason this game has 70% less pre orders that blops 2. Even if it is new, most people are tired of this franchise.

1539d ago
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