Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Updates Fans on His Health; Thankful for the Support

Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata appeared today during the latest Nintendo Direct after a period in the hospital due to a major surgery, and many noticed that he lost a lot of weight. Via the official Japanese Twitter account he sent an update on his health, thanking the fans for their support.

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Metallox1540d ago

I'm glad he's back. Despite the lose of weight he seems strong to me.

Qrphe1540d ago

He looked pretty rekt. I thought it was just him aging fast but I'm glad it's just a temporary state.

Robochobo1540d ago

I was surprised at how much Miyamoto has aged in the ND as well. He looks like he's 10 years older now.

MSBAUSTX1540d ago

It was good to see him again but I kinda agree withyl you. I also noticed something going on with the left side of his face almost like he had a stroke. I wish the best for him though and hope everything is ok.

Kevlar0091540d ago

Haters, critics, and not even an abnormal growth could stop him.

meatysausage1540d ago

If you know Japan, the Japanese work so hard, its crazy

Alex_Boro1540d ago

Glad that he's doing well. Even though I might not exactly agree with what he is doing for Nintendo right now as a CEO, I respect the man for what he does.

Spikeantestor1540d ago

I'm really not sure what I think of how he's running the company at the moment.

Anyway, amazing to see him so thin but great to see him on his feet either way. Hopefully the worst is behind him.

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