Various Vita Games $10 on Best Buy

"As you can see, all the listed games below are currently on sale for just $10 at Best Buy. Grab them while they are still on sale!"

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DivineAssault 1533d ago

I have the best games on this list through PS Plus.. But you cant beat $10! Get what ever is good on there if you missed out on the PS Plus titles..

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

I am buying that resistance game. I have been eyeballing it for a while and brand new for only 10 bucks is sweet. I own the others already. Have you played Freedom Wars at all? I really want to know someone's opinion on it besides websites.

prodg521533d ago

Freedom Wars is a great game. It can seem a little complicated at first. There are so many options and there's so much content that it can be overwhelming, but if you stick it out everything will start to make sense and the game becomes very rewarding.

MSBAUSTX1533d ago

Very cool. I am going to pick it up. I have just heard so many mixed things about it. Thanks for the info.

3-4-51533d ago

Might have to go grab sly & wipeout.