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GR: Activision’s military-focused first-person shooter series jumps a shark or two in its exoskeletal debut wherein Kevin Spacey is the bad guy because!

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knifefight1539d ago

Apparently this video game character has also been in movies now.
The CoD effect, man.

knifefight1539d ago

Disagrees from people who don't get jokes. Dayum.

Also on the topic of the game, it's good to see a review that's not from a review event.
I think review events in fancy hotels don't really simulate the real environment where the game will be played.

ftwrthtx1539d ago

I like Spacey and i like the game.

shinrock1539d ago Show
MetroidFREAK211539d ago

I really like this game. Highly enjoyable.

DefenderOfDoom21539d ago

Wish it had a free ZOMBIE MODE !!!

Does anybody know why COMCAST CABLE TV is down throughout USA?

ThanatosDMC1539d ago

Off Topic: X1 services are down. Cable/TV shouldnt be though.

I completely agree, i wish zombie mode was free BUT if it's paid, it better be robust and and completely different from the crap they used to give us. Loved it in World at War.

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The story is too old to be commented.