Halo: The Master Chief Collection - TV Spot

TV Spot of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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Gotcha51532d ago

My body is ready too rock this "Funky Joint"... Halo MCC that is.

qwerty6761532d ago

wtf was that? that was terrible. if im an average joe sitting on the couch i would have no idea what i just watched or even care.

the launch trailer was so much better.

PimpDaddy1532d ago

It's designed to appeal to everyone. Catchy tune. Clear message. Plus they announced the reduced price at the end. Job well done Microsoft!!!

OpieWinston1531d ago

WOW You didn't get the whole "Queen" vibe with the trailer?

They want to get old and new fans hyped.... So picking a classic like that for a short 20 second commercial is brilliant.

QuickTim you're the slowest kid on this site.

th3TrUth1531d ago

I thought it was good ..BUT...imagine if it was the ICONIC Halo theme!!!!!!

Trekster_Gamer1531d ago

You would have no idea really?!!

I take it the Quick in your name is a typo!

That TV spot was very kewl, Nov 11th hurry up!!!

aviator1891532d ago

Pretty catchy, tbh. I wonder if they'll have a ringtone for this particular variant of the song. I'd totally dig it.

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