Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X Gets New Artwork, Site and Twitter; New Info Promised

With the new gameplay reveal of Xenoblade Chronicles X and a release window finally announced, Nintendo is giving the game the well deserved AAA treatment by opening an official Twitter account for it.

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mshope101534d ago

yep and there's nothing to play on wii u! you got this game coming out next year xenoblade chronicles x!!and great games either out or just around the corner many are exclusive!,smash bros u,bayonetta 1 and 2, super mario 3d world,mario kart 8,hyrule warriors,new super mario bros u,pikmin 3,zelda wind waker,nintendoland,zombiu,lego city:undercover,wiifitu,monster hunter3ultimate,donkeykong tropical freeze,wonderful101and thats just a small sample because i barely touched on any 3rd party games and yes there are games like assassin creed 3 and 4, cod ghost and black ops,spinter cell blacklist,need for speed. but hey it has no games!

N4GDgAPc1534d ago

Only reason I bought wii is because of Xenoblade Chronicles. Only reason I will be buying wii U is because of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Any extra game after that is a bonus but Xeno is the one to make me buy a wii^^

deep_fried_bum_cake1534d ago

I said to myself that I would get a Wii U when this released and here it approaches and I still don't even have a PS4 or Xbox One yet. I think I'll need to hold back for a while after this releases and get at least one of those consoles before a Wii U. I'm really looking forward to it though, it looks great.

krontaar1534d ago

Finally a logo that actually looks good.

ritsuka6661534d ago

Looks amazing, best Jrpgs in years man.

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