Scorpion’s Second Fatality Revealed During Mortal Kombat X’s Livestream

Following on from new footage revealed during Paris Games Week last month for NetherRealm Studios’ fighting title Mortal Kombat X, the studio streamed some further gameplay from the tenth installment in the franchise.


Apologies. This is Scorpion's first fatality revealed in its entirety. Article's been updated.

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Hendrickson1540d ago

Looks good, on the list of games to get for sure!

Septic1539d ago

So brutal! Lol how do they come up with this stuff?!

ramiuk11539d ago

the minds of the people who create such moves must be disturbed surely?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1539d ago

I'm told there is a highly disturbed man they keep locked up in the basement that they consult about the fatalities. I also hear they feed him through a clever system of contraptions to avoid close proximity.

KingPin1539d ago

this fatality was shown a while ago.

nothing new here.

1nsomniac1539d ago

Yea this was shown months ago in the official reveal trailer. Click bait I guess...

CernaML1539d ago

No it wasnt... the reveal trailer cut off that final part of his fatality. The face slice was NEVER shown to the public until now.

1nsomniac1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I'm guessing you watched an edited version. I watched the full fatality in full, months ago, including face slice.

I believe there was even a post on N4G including the clip then discussing about whether the face slice was too far. Then it went on to list YouTube videos of congress back in the 80's/90's trying to ban the original.

CernaML1539d ago

I saw it at E3 but it was a closed door presentation. Since then I was never able to find it on the net. Everybody was talking about it but no video was ever shown unless it leaked for a short time.