F-Zero Race Track and Hyrule Castle Among Some of the new Mario Kart 8 Tracks Revealed

First off, the news you’ve been waiting for: Mario Kart 8’s first DLC pack arrives on November 13th, and with it comes eight new tracks, three new drivers, and four new vehicles.

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R00bot1536d ago

Nintendo doing DLC right.

Evil-Gouki1536d ago

Agreed, rather than spliiting a complete game to milk customers for dlc Nintendo actually shipped a fairly comprehensive title in MK8, the dlc is exciting and priced extremely well. Seems the big N is on fire atm.

guitarded771537d ago

I have to say... the two DLC packs with (I hope I'm right here) 16 tracks, 6 character/skins and 8 vehicles for $12 is pretty good for DLC. Wish more companies would offer as much for a decent price.