'Half-Life 3' Rumored to be 'In Production,' But When Will We Actually See It?

"It'll take a lot to actually make any "Half Life" fan think that something concrete is happening with "Half-Life 3." It's been seven years since the last game in the series- "Half-Life 2: Episode 2," and since then, there's been absolutely no word about a sequel. At all."

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thorstein1537d ago

Valve does not make games with the number 3 in the title. They never have. They never will. Unless they make a game called "3" just to mess with their fanbase.

Lulz_Boat1536d ago

ok then... something like Half Life "something"

anyway, my predict is... not before 2023, lol

Baka-akaB1536d ago

Valve just do whatever they want . They probably dont have any "no number 3" rules and might surprise you

porkChop1536d ago

I think the problem is what can they do? Half Life brought us revolutionary puzzles. Half Life 2 brought us revolutionary physics and physics-based puzzles. What can they do now? I think that's why Gabe said that development keeps going in different directions. They haven't figured out what to do yet.

Braid1536d ago

The article was published on October 30, 4:06 AM.

30 / 4+6 = 3.

Half-Life 3 confirmed.

jmac531536d ago

They should make the "3 box" with Half Life 3, Team Fortress 3, Portal 3 and Left for Dead 3. Heads would explode.

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PS4theplayers1537d ago

"When will we actually see it?"

At The Last Guardian release.

Septic1536d ago

""When will we actually see it?"

When we are worthy.

ps360s1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

@ PS4theplayers ^^ LOL

mochachino1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

If any game is destined to fail to live up to hype, it's HL3. It's just been too many years of anticipation. Anything short of revolutionary (which is pretty much impossible to do in games these days, evolutionary sure), will just disappoint. Valve is probably scared of making HL3, the series has so much positive regard that it can only go down from here. Todays gamers would probably just hate on it..."mp unbalanced, graphics didn't blow my mind, COD clone with down the sites aiming, story not long enough, co-op is better elsewhere, ect". Better the series dies a hero than continue on long enough to be hated.

gamerfan09091536d ago

Vavle has some of the most talented people in the industry working for them. People forget this when they talk about this company cause most of them just associate them for Steam. If they're making Half Life 3 then I have full confidence in it being as good as they say.

Baka-akaB1536d ago

Well people said the same thing about HL2 ... and in the end , it met most expectations

Exari1536d ago

Indeed. Well said, sir.

ps360s1536d ago

It's true but I still think if they were to go ahead and do it...focus on story and keep the gameplay and you have a need for MP or co-op...just a great story like the first 2 before it and gameplay just like the first 2 before it

going back and playing HL1 and 2, the story and atmosphere keeps you going

Half life 1 and 2 has this one of a kind atmosphere which can't be duplicate by other games

If HL3 were to happen it will have to be better then the previous and not so much as other games in the genre

traumadisaster1536d ago

I've tried to play hl2 over the years and each time it seems like I go forever without dialogue or even music. So I don't see the story aspects cause I forget what lil speech there was ages ago.

Not hating on it cause I've put it back in many times to try and make it work for me cause of the high regard others have for it. I beat hl1 when it came out and loved it, but then was out of pc gaming for a decade, and when I came back hl2 seemed old. I'm sure it was me but its just how I feel.

I haven't given up though, coincidentally just played a bit yesterday morning and in 4k no less. Was pretty good fighting and thinking but damn can I get some joker to tell me what's going on.

kingduqc1536d ago

You are talking about valve, a compgny that have high standart and have been releasing exclusively great games for over 15 years now...

Half life 3 will be a masterpice.

Perjoss1536d ago

People who buy into hype have no one to blame but themselves. No matter how much hype and no matter how long the game is in production for in the end its just a game, there are planety of other fantastic games to play while you wait for your favourite franchise to spawn a sequel.

SoCalledMe1536d ago

HL2 was same story , but look how it turned out , the trailers from 2003/4 had best graphics , most realistic water , most realistic physix , amaizing story and gameplay , an evolution of fps genre , the details were just so imppresive , and if they w8 long enough they can make that leap again , its just that when compared to HL1 release it looks like PC moved so much forward so fast , characters form HL1 look like paper drawings compared to full 3d models of HL2 , we have to w8 a bit for realistic physix , interaction with terrain and graphics and they can do it again , thenology just isnt making such huge leaps like it used to thats why it was so surreal how detaled HL2 was

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MasterCornholio1536d ago

Look valve, its obvious that people want another half-life.

Give it to them.


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