When Will We Get a Real Next Gen Experience?

Bryan from High Score Reviews looks at the past year in gaming and predicts when we will get the current gen games we deserve.

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thorstein1537d ago

Probably when the next generation arrives. Say 6+ years or so.

shloobmm31536d ago

I think we have already had some Next Gen experiences. I think people are reaching a little here.

decrypt1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Not many next gen games out yet. Since most games coming out even now are out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the 2 of those have stayed more than their welcome. If anything they are responsible for holding the industry back worse than any generation before this.

Heck even the next gen games will need to keep all 3 playforms in view when releasing PC, PS4, Xbone. Xbone is so underpowered its going to be a drag on the industry from the get go. Its barely 2x as powerful as the last gen. While PS4 is a little more powerful its going to be held back by the tablet CPUs.

In general dont expect much of a jump this gen, new consoles are under powered and will be holding the industry back for another decade.

sprinterboy1536d ago

Agree buddy, unfortunately kids today and early 20's are spoilt moaning dicks, been gaming since the beginning and have enjoyed all my computers, consoles over the years and having some great experiences already this gen, god forbid what the youth of today would have done without Internet gaming and cassette loading.

lipton1011536d ago

Play alien isolation to answer your own click bait question

Kornholic1536d ago

We get the first real next gen games when the developers stop creating cross-gen games.

lipton1011536d ago

Your name reminded me of playing gta3 for ps2 while listening to Korn Issues on repeat while wearing Jnco jeans, lol

Kornholic1535d ago

@lipton101, sounds like you had an awesome childhood :D

Scatpants1536d ago

No, they'll say that one's not good enough either.

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nucky641537d ago

my earliest best guesses (based on what we know is coming:
bloodborne, the order; and witcher3 are all in February and all could bring a "real next-gen experience".
later in the year uncharted4 and halo5 could also be something special.
of course, sony santa monica hasn't announced their game yet. nor has the next elder scrolls been revealed yet - so lots of exciting stuff to come.

bouzebbal1536d ago

i believe "next gen" is also about gameplay and new ways to play. I therefore believe that Zelda Wii U will set the bar high too.

dreamoner1536d ago

you mean next fallout, not elder scrolls.

tho with this pace bethesda may as well do the next elder scrolls game for the next-next gen consoles in 2020

ramiuk11536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

second son pretty much blew me away with the lighting etc

alot of games are already the true next gen experience because last gen they was all sub 720p for a start.

the standout games for me are they games that are only on new gen.

im not sure what people want a game to do to be classed as "true next gen" but we need some next gen writers like NDog have.

acekaze1536d ago

Who cares about next Gen i am happy with what we have, so many amazing games coming out this year, From sandbox games like archeage, to Call of Duty , on to Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash, i am loving my gaming experiences, i have never had so many good games, all calling for me at the same time to play,

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The story is too old to be commented.