DayZ Vehicles Information and Vine Revealed

For many, Vehicles is the much needed "end-game" content that gives purpose to DayZ, so this new info and video will surely excite DayZ's fans.

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ATi_Elite1538d ago

A very small amount of vehicles will be OK but also make it so you gotta find parts and assemble the vehicles like you had to do the chopper.

Too many vehicles and aircraft will make Dayz loose it's survival aspect. Also seems like Dayz is beginning to be too simple large to another Arma 2 mod Takistan Life except Zombies instead of Money and a slight Rpg aspect.

Anyway Dean is slowly working on the PC version but is also supposed to make a PS4 version.

I don't know about Dean anymore so I play Breaking Point instead which is better and more complete than Dayz plus it runs on the Arma 3 engine.

Takistan Life is playable on Arma 2 and 3 engine.