Hyrule Castle Track Revealed for Mario Kart 8

Zelda is making a huge splash in Mario Kart with multiple items coming to the game.

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marloc_x1532d ago

Looks like a very technical track ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1532d ago

I'm never playing as my Mii again...
Link for life, right here.

SkippyPaccino1532d ago

hopefully this DLC also brings with it more battlemode maps.

Kevlar0091531d ago

In terms of scope it's the best map. I love the Zelda influences, like rupees instead of coins, the item reel jingle. Only a week away, followed by Smash the next week.

maniacmayhem1531d ago

The level of detail Nintendo puts in their games is just awe inspiring. Rupees instead of coins, Link flashing his master sword, the EXCITBIKE track!!!

Just unbelievable what Nintendo does with their games.

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