$1500 Solution to PS3's upscaling problems

For those of you that are interested, the PS3 does not have a hardware analog scaling chip. This means that PS3 will never be able to upscale. It will only be able to display native resolutions. However, Sony has the solution for you!

The $1500 STRDA5200ES ES 7.1 Channel Surround Sound A/V Receiver.

This includes upscaling of games, as well as DVDs. However, Sony has the solution for you! This will upscale any signal up to 1080i...

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PS360PCROCKS5970d ago (Edited 5970d ago )

I'm sorry but "PS3ROCKS" you stole my name and added a "PS3" lol jk but why would you post this man? If you love your PS3 you wouldn't post something that clearly makes the PS3 look bad

InMyOpinion5970d ago

In his mind it probably looks good. The forum it was posted in was full of positive responses.

wildcat5970d ago

for people who own HDTVs and can't afford this. i know damn well that i can't afford a good HDTV and that I'll have to wait until it's price goes way down. so i guess i don't have to worry too much about this. but Sony better start bringing in some good news soon or else......

TheMART5970d ago

Why o why

Do Sony fans post so many forum stories? Because there is no real good news around?

TheSadTruth5970d ago

TheMART, I'm a 360 fan.. I'm pretty sure your tiny brand can't comprehend satire as all you seem to do on this sign is whine about Sony fans.

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