Splatoon coming to Wii U in Q2 of 2015

In news coming from today’s Nintendo Direct, more information has been released on Splatoon, including a tentative Q2 release date.

UPDATE: Now includes single player trailer

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animegamingnerd1537d ago

i'm hopping for a may release cause this is the perfect summer game.

Kevlar0091537d ago

I'm not sure if it means fiscal year or actual year, because fiscal year starts in March, it's why Nintendo posted their Q2 earnings as of August-October. So it may be Fall.

DarthZoolu1537d ago

Bet it comes out 2016. Every HD gets delayed at Nintendo

Kevlar0091537d ago

It's normal months, not sure if there is a difference, I'm not into finance.

3-4-51537d ago

* Nintendo would be smart to pump out some games for the Wii U in May or around that time.

It would give people some games to play over the summer during the usual drought. Well except for PC which usually has solid summer games.

DC7771537d ago

Another delayed game. I hope Wii U is not going to have another crappy year like 2014's drought in the first half. The only thing promised is Kirby #5,234 in Q1.

animegamingnerd1537d ago

it didn't get delayed it was always stated to come out in the first half of the year and the second quarter is April, May, and June.

Concertoine1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Im afraid there will be a small drought jan-march.

Big news guys, Bayonetta 2 is the best selling game of its week with almost 200k sold according to VGchartz. Not bad for a Wii U exclusive.

ZeekQuattro1537d ago

Not bad at all for Bayo 2. Anywho a drought is expected. January and February tend to be slow months. Nothing new there unfortunately. That being said with all the games I will be buying in the coming weeks I can use the drought to catch up on my game backlog. I owe it to myself to beat Xenoblade one day. lol

Starbucks_Fan1537d ago

way to be f***ing ignorant

Jughead34161537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

DC777 - I agree. I know your comment isn't popular for Wii U owners like myself. Hard to justify owning a Wii U with how few games there are. Very disappointing when there's pretty much only exclusives. I am looking forward to several titles next year though like the Mario Creator and Kirby. Just c'mon already. My Wii U is collecting dust. lol. A big ole paperweight. I actually feel sorry for those who only have a Wii U and no other system.

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ashen1221537d ago

question will this have online MP?

ashen1221537d ago

no I was just too lazy to google, I know now

Metallox1537d ago

Was the first thing to be confirmed about the game, if you wonder.

Spikeantestor1537d ago

Pretty cool that this is getting a single player campaigne. Just hope it's interesting.

Metallox1537d ago

Well, many stuff can be told by the enemy design, t's awful to be honest, generic and pale.

Still, having played the demo, I think the whole gameplay it's awesome, buying the game day one.

Concertoine1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

"Many stuff" can be told by (your opinion on) the enemy design? What?

They were doing a lot of cool things in that trailer, imo. Reminded me of those levels in sunshine without FLUDD.

Seriously, this is nintendo man, its pretty rare that they mess up gameplay. If anything we should wonder if they can make a compelling online component.

thezeldadoth1537d ago

looks really fun. Awesome and unique single player with a competitive MP (shooting) on nintendo console? nice