5 Alluring Reasons to Dive into Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is the upcoming sequel in Ubisoft's hit franchise. Here are 5 reasons why it may be worth your time.

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Spikeantestor1533d ago

I have never played a Far Cry. I get the feeling that each game makes the previous incarnation seem small in comparison and therefore not worth playing. Is this true?

ToneDeezy1533d ago

It is not! :)

Some people still consider Far Cry 2 to be the best in the series. It has some really neat and unique gameplay mechanics, but personally I found it a bit of a struggle.

3-4-51532d ago

Never played one of these but I think it was Far Cry's Map editor/creator that really caught my interest.

* Is this included in FC4 in some way ?

Orejillz1532d ago

Yes there will be a map editor in FC4. How extensive it will be I'm not entirely sure.

DefenderOfDoom21533d ago

FAR CRY 1 had great graphics for its time and monsters . FAR CRY 2 was pretty good , but did not like the save system and getting sick and fixing vehicles all the time. FAR CRY 3 was awesome , but no monsters . FAR CRY 3 BLOOD DRAGON was great ! FAR CRY 4 seems like FAR CRY 3.5 . Will be picking up FAR CRY 4 though.

dreamoner1532d ago

Pagan Min looks like Neymar.

DivineAssault 1532d ago

The official first trailer was all i needed to see.. I really love how its turning out & im sure ill love it just like the others