Nintendo Confirms Automatic Downloads

Nintendo has confirmed Automatic Download for Wii U. This feature allows users to pre-order a game directly from Nintendo’s website.

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Sly-Lupin1539d ago

It seems very odd to me that they're announcing all of these features that rely on the same basic online infrastructure that everyone has been demanding they implement for years and years... but are as silent as ever on that actual infrastructure.

If you can use your NNID to purchase games from anywhere, there's absolutely zero reason, justification, excuse to still tie digital content to hardware instead of NNIDs. Even if Nintendo wants to make absolutely certain no one ever shares any games with anyone, it wouldn't be so hard to only allow users to have one machine "active" at any one time and allow machines to be activated/deactivated via their site.

wonderfulmonkeyman1539d ago

The games actually ARE tied to your NNID.
It's just that the NNID is tied to one system at a time, rather than being accessible on any other console.
There are several cases out there that I've seen where people who have lost their game or console for some reason, have contacted Nintendo, and have gotten all their games back on a new console.

Sly-Lupin1539d ago

You're splitting hairs. If A = B = C, then A = C. And that whole "contact Nintendo to get back content" has two big problems:

1. It's not reliable. When I contacted Nintendo about it to replace crap I had on my lost DSi, they refused to do a thing. I've only met two other people IRL who have had to do the same, and neither of them had any luck either. But I consistently see people saying that Nintendo will do this--but it's almost always second-hand. The whole idea may well be an oft-repeated urban legend.

2. Even it were true, it would be INCREDIBLY inconvenient and tedious.

Gemmol1539d ago

@sly-lupin did you use a DSi as your base to further your argument, cause if I am reading right, your whole point went down the drain......Wii U and DSi do not have anything in common, in fact NNID started on the Wii U, yes the 3ds got it also, but they do not work the same, as you can see in the new 3ds with the faster internet speed, I believe that 3ds is more inline with the Wii U for using NNID......basically what I am saying if you had use the 3ds in your argument you would of had more believers, but like the guy said above, people who have a club nintendo account and have a new system they can redownload what they bought. Nintendo do help, but the DSi, come on man

oh by the way I still got my Dsi the blue one still in new condition, it was pretty good when it came out, hope to say the same next year for the new 3ds

slivery1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

There are just as many cases with people that have NNID's, who weren't able to get their games back or only some of them.

Be my guest to look it up.

The problem with even trying to say games aren't tied to the system, is that the games basically are still tied to the system, because your NNID is tied to the console, so honestly nothing changed really besides NNID merging 3DS and Wii U funds. You still have to transfer the NNID in the same manner as the 3DS in order to be able to redownload anything. So it's literally still the same thing as the 3DS even on the Wii U.

It isn't as simple as logging in again. So if your system gets lost or stolen, your going to have a hard ass time getting Nintendo to give you shit back. They even state their policy on digital content, that they will not reimburse lost or stolen digital content, regardless if they know you bought it. They also even state that you may be able to get your games back through customer service with an NNID, but again no where do they state you're guaranteed to get everything back, it even says you may get all or only some content back.

Lol and what good will Club Nintendo do you if you don't register everything you buy, the rewards have been pretty crappy lately so most people stopped registering their games and because your points expire, that's even more reason to wait for better rewards before you register them.

There honestly is no defending this account system, it astonishes me anyone has the audacity to actually try to. People use the lame ass piracy excuse all the time while they complain about DRM on any other system, but it's okay when Nintendo does it? Amazing how easily Sony and Micorsoft can do it, as well as every other god damn company who uses account systems besides Nintendo.

Nintendo are the only people with this archaic account system. I love Nintendo but no one can deny they are behind the times in the online front, sure people can argue they have free online but that really has nothing to do with their outdated account system. The PS3's online is free and it doesn't have such a crappy account system that is such a hassle.

Even Nintendo has admitted they really need to work on this and they're trying, I just hope it's soon or possibly around the time the New 3DS releases, because I sure as hell don't feel like doing system transfers anymore.

It's just completely impractical in this day and age, especially when many people sell their older handhelds or consoles before they buy a new one, but thanks to this dumb ass account system, you have to have both the old system and the new system just to do a safe transfer or go through hell and high water trying to get your games back.

wonderfulmonkeyman1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I stopped reading the moment you referred to Piracy as "a lame ass excuse".
You don't justify piracy if you're trying to make a valid point that others will listen to.

Having said that, I agree with Gemmol; using the DSI as your evidence doesn't lend much credence to your tales.
I've done the research, and there's many more cases of recovered games than not than you've obviously seen.
It's also an assumption with no evidence, on your part, to claim that "no one registers their games anymore", when there's been many reasons to do so, tying them to your account being one of them.

Sly-Lupin1539d ago

I never mentioned piracy. And don't be childish: if you're not going to read an argument you have no business trying to frame a counterargument.

As for "research" and "evidence"--you' re nuts. There is no evidence either way to research: just a bunch of anecdotes on the Internet. All I can say is that the popular anecdotal evidence you are referring to does not match my personal experience.

And that my experience was with the DSi in no way invalidates it. Nintendo's policies re: digital content and rights management have NEVER changed. This is the problem we're discussing here, ya' know? Whether it's a DSi or a WiiU, the same fundamental problem exists: if you lose your device there is no -reliable- way to restore your content.

This is not something you can argue with. You can either accept it for the negative, anachronistic thing it is; or desperately, petulantly try to re-frame the issue as a non-issue. The latter seems to be your angle, and it baffles me.

superchiller1539d ago

Nintendo's harsh, anti-consumer DRM policies are a joke. I believe that the company is greedy and untrusting, believing that every consumer is trying to rip them off. So they maintain this abusive policy, treating their loyal customers like garbage.

There is a simple solution to this though; all customers should simply refuse to buy ANY digital content from them, for any system. Just buy physical games only. They might actually wake up and change this idiotic policy, when they see few to no sales of their digital products.

marloc_x1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

*Drama Queen*

marloc_x1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I far surpass the 6 games per Wii U average on a 2tb drive.

Nintendo was about offering me easy storage options while making a better margin on the machines.

Like the Vita; you do feel buying more storage for one is no biggie, right?

I've pre-bought Smash on disk though, to bring it to game nights at friend's places. 8 way local multi-player!?

Only on Wii U :)

superchiller1538d ago

Wow, you used up both your little bubbles on those meaningless comments? At least add something useful to the discussion at hand. There is no question that Nintendo just doesn't trust their "loyal customers", thus their anti-consumer DRM for all recent consoles and handhelds.

No way would I ever buy a single digital game on any of Nintendo's platforms, when they act like you don't own it, and are not entitled to transfer the game to another console, if your existing one breaks down, is stolen, or lost. I'd advise anyone else to avoid purchasing any digital content from Nintendo, until they change their poorly-conceived policies.