Is Evolution Studios Doomed?

Paul James writes "As a fan of Evolution’s work, and someone who would never wish for anyone to lose a job I cross my fingers tightly that they can quickly fix Driveclub, while Sony gives the studio another chance before making any hasty decisions. Evolution’s games have always made for a brilliant foil to Polyphony Digital’s super serious Gran Turismo series and maybe the profits made from each Gran Turismo can be enough to fuel both studios and allow for a broad range of racing games on Playstation platforms."

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uncharted563540d ago

They have definitely tarnished their legacy with this. I wanted to try out the psn plus edition despite the reviews and would had bought the game if it was fun. I still plan on doing that if psn plus edition ever comes out, but man its hard to believe this is the studio that made motorstorm, specially the last motorstorm which was my fav in series.

Christopher3540d ago

Doomed? No.

In need of some help? Yeah. I see some management and restructuring coming in order to prevent these issues from coming up again. It's unacceptable the status of a game delayed for so long and having had the network issues.

TheFanboySlayer3540d ago

I don't think they are doomed either....they actually sold a decent amount to be fair.

SoapShoes3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

300k+ in America and probably will sell slowly throughout the holidays and next year too. Share Play has gotten people on my friends list to buy it.

SoapShoes3540d ago

MotorStorm Apocalypse's launch was worse than this. They had to delay it right when it was about to launch or something.

DOMination-3539d ago

Yes because there was a massive earthquake in the far east and they thought it would be distasteful. Not really the same as the technical issues of driveclub.

Cha0tik3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

No, people just know how to over hype a game and then when it doesn't meet their expectations or something goes wrong they blow the entire situation out of proportion. It was going to happen eventually with some game... it just happened to be DriveClub. The only thing that may be doomed are the jobs of the people that work in the Evo Studios server room.

Just some crybaby gamers making a big deal out of the fact that they need to be patient. So what if you waited a bit of extra time already. I've been waiting about 8 years for Final Fantasy XV so they are just being impatient.

Aceman183539d ago

Amen, and 100% spot on. I bought physical copy and love the game if they get servers working to full capacity and whatever is wrong with the PS+ then they'll be fine.

Cha0tik3539d ago

I own the game as well. I love it. I actually don't have connectivity issues when I play anymore.

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nicksetzer13540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Well, a 1 year delay only to launch with missing features (weather) and broken servers, I wouldn't say they are sitting too pretty. That said:

Doomed? Unlikely.
Dropped as a first party? Possibly.
Chalked up as a F@#$ up and all continues normally? Most likely.

dericb113540d ago

How was weather missing when they also said it would be released as post launch DLC? You are clearly a troll with a silly agenda. Can you tell you PSN please so we can confirm you have a PS4?

nicksetzer13540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

"How was weather missing when they also said it would be released as post launch DLC?"

I am assuming you don't know what "missing" means.... especially after a 1 year delay.

"Can you tell you PSN please so we can confirm you have a PS4?"

No, because trolls on here then send never ending messages or report my PSN account and get me a temp ban. (Happened last time) I will hoever post a pic since you find it so unbelievable for someone to be appauled by such a terrible launch and handling of a game.....


So now what is the excuse? Did you ever think maybe I don't how this entire launch was handled? Everything from paul ru r s claiming there were no MT's, (and there are) to delaying the game with no warning until a month before release, launching with a broken online component, no PS+ version, etc, etc, etc.

r2oB3540d ago

@ nicksetzer1

So you wrote your name on a card and placed it next to your friend's PS4, what does that prove?

BTW, I'm joking.

smellslikeralph3540d ago

im so tired of that nonsense from people like you. Someone says something against playstation or something FOR playstation and it always comes down to

Prove you have a PS4 cause I dont believe you. Well I have an Xbox one and a PS4 and drive club is a absolute nightmare. 1 year delay and i bought my driveclub on launch and nothing has worked since. I ended up selling mine on craigslist

Now as for Evolution studios. I believe they really made a bad name for themselves at this point.

Not really sure what will happen at this point. I just know I will not be buying anymore of there games from this point on

LamerTamer3540d ago

Missing. It is not on the disc is it? No because it is MISSING. Go on about patches but those without internet will not have it. Even if you do have internet you will need to re download it every time you change consoles, delete and re install the game or change HDDs. A hassle that should not be needed after a year of delays. DriveFlub is a disaster.



By your definition of missing, this gen is doomed as a whole... Everything getting day 1 patches and what not. Consoles got it for crying out loud.

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PraxxtorCruel3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

I don't understand why your disagrees are overwhelming? Weather is still non-existant and people continue to have issues with the servers.

MysticStrummer3540d ago

Sometimes disagrees have more to do with a person's past comments than the one currently being disagreed with.

nicksetzer13540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

@praxtor honestly, agrees on this site mean nothing.

@mystic mmm, yes, you are one to talk about comment history. Not to mention you are talking out your butt as my comments are no different from anyone else. What comments have I made even slightly recently that you are referring to?

At least my comments come from actually experiencing the games/issues/etc as I own both consoles. You however have plagued articles for months and months now praising ps4 and bashing xb1 while ironically owning neither (like most on this site)....

Your own words (Both of these are in the last 24 hours.):
"If you want more of a sim I suppose that may be true for some people. Either way Forza is an XB franchise which means I'll never play it on a console I own, at least not this generation. I'm a one console per gen guy and I've made my choice. If PS4 disappoints me I'll consider other options next gen, but so far I'm happy with my purchase and that includes buying Driveclub."
"Out of all the PS3 gamers I know who will eventually buy a PS4, I'm the only one who has already done so and I just bought mine last week."

@r2ob exactly lol

Jonny5isalive3539d ago

yeah, your past as ps fanboys. I dont have either next gen console but drive club was a flop and failure. Delayed and still sucks, that is a failure.

turdburgler10803540d ago

Doomed? Yes. Sony can't just pull money out of its butt to prop up this failed studio. They are losing money hand over fist as is. It cost sony not only money but image points as well. Heads will roll.

SoapShoes3540d ago

They were losing money when they bought this studio and several others...

fei-hung3540d ago

Regardless of what people say, the game has sold over 500k copies retail, outselling forza horizon 2 by 130k on the X1, with a week in hand, and these are numbers only up to the 25th of October. Couple that with tons more sales coming from digital purchases due to the cheaper price point, I wouldn't be surprised if the game is sitting at 700k at the moment.

If Evo get this fixed before December, there is a good chance we will see another surge in sales both digital and retail as many people are holding back.

With the game outselling FH2, and doing well regardless of its current state, it would be silly of Sony to throw away an entire studio behind a potentially awesome studio. The likelihood is the director will get demoted, the guys in charge of the network code will get their butts kicked and the studio will go on learning from its mistakes.

The issues are bad, but nowhere near as bad as Bf4, and they are being addressed immediately unlike bf4 issues. There is also tons of free dlc being offered for the duration of a year along with a cheaper point of entry to purchase the game compared to other AAA games.

Evolution will go on.

swize3539d ago

More importantly , where are the REPLAYS ? .. I wanna sit back and look at my best lap in all its glory but i can't . Its a standard feature . Still love this game though .

Knushwood Butt3539d ago

Yeah, I was surprised there is no replay option.

Spotie3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Missing features are those that were intended to be there at launch, but aren't. As DriveClub was never intended to have weather at launch, how is it missing?

The server issue is definitely a problem. But with it being such a bizarre situation- no way run of the mill server woes persist this long; given that titles like Killzone and MAG never suffered anything like this says it's peculiar, at the least- I don't think they're in as much danger of losing jobs as some of you hope.

On that note, what in the hell makes you think they'd stop being first party? What part of that makes any sense?

Edit: Since I can't respond to folks like LamerTamer, maybe they'll read here that DriveClub outsold bot versions of Forza combined, not just on XB1.

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gangsta_red3540d ago

I can bet that a lot of heads will roll.

And like any company sh$t rolls down hill. You'll probably first here about mass lay offs from this company, all the lower employees will be let go and everyone will wish them luck, then you'll hear executives leaving to pursue "other" endeavors, then you'll get one or two stories of the top head dogs "voluntarily" leaving to go and run another company.

Hopefully these guys can bounce back with another game that's good to wipe this blemish off their track record.