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Five Reason Why: You Should be Buying an Xbox One This Holiday

Holidays are the season of giving, but once in a while is it really a bad thing to think about yourself too? Yeah, it is pretty selfish to get yourself something instead of getting your mom a new heavy-duty back shaver or the mustache trimmer she so desperately needs. But its been growing for this long; whats a couple more months? With all that money you save you could have yourself a brand new shinny Xbox One. If you’re making the jump from last last generation, heading to the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4 this Christmas is the way to go, and if you already own a PlayStation 4 then now is the time to add a friend to your console collection. You’ll have some sort of holiday break and you’ll need something to do rather than braiding your sisters back hair, sleeping, and eating the meatloaf your mom has formed in the shape of a ham and called it Christmas Diner. Everyone needs a system in their lives so here are the five reasons you should be making that system an Xbox One.

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Community1495d ago
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Serrafina1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Nah, I'll wait until next year in the middle of the summer. Still, interesting reasons.

Magicite1495d ago

For now PS3+PC combo is the best option for me = plethora of JRPGS and best multiplats.
But its clear that 2015 is the right time to move onto current gen consoles.

lifeisgamesok1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )


Fighting: Killer Instinct season 2
3rd person/action: Sunset Overdrive
1st person shooter: Halo MCC
Racing: Forza Horizon 2

Jump In

Foehammer1496d ago

Greatness has arrived, and most of those games have the scores to prove it.

HammockGames1495d ago

I don't often agree with you, but I have to admit that the X1 has a lot going for it at the moment.

Sunset Overdrive in particular has piqued my curiosity.

TripC501495d ago

Sunset Overdrive is great. The gameplay is unique and getting around the map is THE thing that makes this game fun. Also the attitude and dialogue is sketchy at some points but downright hilarious at others. Pokes fun at almost every aspect in modern games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

@"There are more exclusive games on the Xbox One than the PlayStation 4, who would have ever thought that we would be saying that?"

That depends on how one would define the word exclusive.

Since the article wants to include Forza Horizon 2, dead rising, Ryse, Titanfall, and Halo:MCC, 3 games that are available on PC and Halo:MCC which is a remaster of 4 Xbox 360 games, and FH2 is also available on 360 then you must include TLOU:Remastered, Final Fantasy 15, Dynasty Warriors 8 xtreme legends, Journey, LBP3, Samurai Warriors 4 and so on.

Now let's begin with the Sony games that are only available on PS4
Infamous Second Son
Killzone Shadowfall
Natural Doctrine
PixelJunk Shooter
Samurai Warriors 4
Unfinished Swan

I even left out the dreaded indie scourge for the benefit of those concerned.

Xbox One does not have more exclusive games than the Xbox One. If those of you posting on this thread would like to remove games that are not solely on ONE platform, then you must agree to remove FH2, Dead Rising3, Halo:MCC, Ryse, and Titanfall. Either way, the PS4 still has more exclusive games, but anyone looking to move the goal posts are more than welcome to do so.

SideNote1495d ago

Haven't you got anything better to do than to make silly lists??

Sitdown1495d ago

They give hugs to naked women. Which probably shows great restraint.

Pogmathoin1495d ago ShowReplies(1)
DarkZane1495d ago

Pretty sure the PS4 has more AAA exclusives as well. They were spread out through the year.

I also find it funny people claim the Xbox One has a good holiday lineup when all it has is 2 games: Halo MCC and Sunset Overdrive.

In those 2 games, Sunset overdrive is basically a flop and the other is a remake.

n4gamingm1495d ago

what what sunset overdrive a flop i never of this source.

LogicStomper1495d ago

There's a difference between a game being a flop and a person wanting a game to flop. You're the latter.

Xb1ps41495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Lmfao! You really still think the ps4 has the better games currently?! Regardless if you can get them on PC, it's a myth that any of you truly game on pc's anyway..

I mean seriously! Knack! Lol drive club!!! Unfinished swan!....

I have both consoles but if I was in a situation to only get one, seeing as I don't game on PC, fh2 , mcc, sunset,, killer instinct titanfalll trumps all of them.. Maybe except tlou but that's a too soon of a remaster.. Mcc set the bar very high on remasters and only a true fanboy can't see that...


Screw the "more games argument" considering all the free games I get with ps plus, I also have a vita, and live I can barely keep up.. I want the better games and you can't argue that xb1 currently has the better games. I don't want to play indies so that swans crap doesn't interest me either does sack boy.. I didn't spend all that money to play that crap..

I don't go by megacritic, it's too easy to trash a good game with that... I only go with game informer and ign if I need a review..

Lucreto1495d ago

Still you can't argue the fact the PS4 has more games and has a higher megacritic rating.

CorndogBurglar1495d ago

I have a PSŕ but I wint lie, i want that MCC. I never owned a Playstation. I've always been XBox and i'm happy with the switch i made, but i will seriously miss Halo. I'll get an Xbox when it droos down to $300 though.

Macdaddy711495d ago

Yea I have to agree!!! If I didn't already have ps4 n X1, I would run out right now n buy a ps4 for all the AAA that's out for it,..lmfao... Sunset a flop??? Lol ps4 Driveclub?? You can not even play but it's not a Flop??? Lmfao more

ger23961495d ago

It's a shame you need anyone to tell you what a good game is. Also, too bad those review scores don't translate to high sales.

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Illusive_Man1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago ) has more quality exclusives. Better?

It's not just opinion.

Titanfall is more popular and has a more lively community than Killzone.

Sunset overdrive has been universally praised and features more varied environments, gargantuan amounts of enemies, and is much funnier than Infamous.

Forza series period is better in nearly every facet compared to Driveclub, a game what has been Universally panned.

TLOU is an excellent game but Halo redefines the remaster for for one of the greatest and longest running series ever.

I can keep going but the games speak for themselves.

MRMagoo1231495d ago

No because thats opinion and a lot of people dont agree with that either, considering the PS4 has more higher rated games on metacritic even the reviewers believe the PS4 has more quality titles.

PlayBoxWu1493d ago

"TLOU is an excellent game but Halo redefines the remaster for for one of the greatest and longest running series ever. "

TLoU:Re -> 95 Metascritic
MCC -> 88 Metacritic

gangsta_red1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

"Now let's begin with the Sony games that are only available on PS4"

Wait..."only available on PS4"...Huh??

Unfinished Swan is on PS3
PixelJunk Shooter is PS3 and PC and Mac
Resogun is on Vita, so technically according to your cross platform logic it's not an exclusive.
Natural Doctrine is on PS3
Samurai Warriors 4 is on PS3

Even when trying to pretend the PS4 has more exclusives you fail. And seriously, Natural Doctrine and Samurai Warriors 4? Really...

Ok, sure..I guess we can also include Fighters Within, Crimson Dragon and Fantasia for X1 since we are scrapping the absolute bottom of the barrel, trying desperately hard to pull out more exclusives for one system.

And now we can also include indies (i.e. old PC ports) when last gen that was a total "no, no" according to the sony camp...buuut to boost lists like we would have here but was so mercifully spared..totally acceptable.

Now what was that about goal posts moving? I swear you guys have these goal posts on a V8 nitro fueled go kart moving up and down your field.

Kribwalker1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

You have also forgotten D4, dance central spotlight kinect sports rivals, prodject spark as well, and there are still more then that, plus Xbox fitness is fantastic and the media capBilities, u have a fantastic box, even if it's hitting less then 1080p all the time.

Chevalier1495d ago

Dead Rising is on PC
Ryse is on PC
Halo on various platforms
Forza Horizon 2 is on 360
Tomb Raider will be on 360

So what's your point? Just because you don't like it doesn't change the fact their is great variety on PS4. Honestly there is so much overlap or PS4 and Xbone that most people who own PS4 are better off buying a Wii U. Not only do you get more variety, better rated games and significantly cheaper then Xbone without having to subscribe for another online fee.

ThanatosDMC1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Pretty sure Unfinished Swan is on the PS3. Nvm, gangsta_red beat me to it.

Shy_1495d ago

"Xbox One does not have more exclusive games than the Xbox One"

LOL you go through all the effort to make that list and then make a typo like that.

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DarkLord10031495d ago

I just don't get articles like that. Who on earth would base their decision to buy a console on a random article on the internet? What about making up your own mind and watch some lets plays and see which games you really want to play....

Lucreto1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

For me living outside the US

5. Entertainment Integration- My county has very few entertainment apps.

4. Great Third Party Lineup- So has PS4

3. Exclusives- Once Christmas is over nothing on Xbox but indies until September. I never thought I would see the day that COD will sell more on PS4 than Xbox but in the UK it is looking like it will do just that.

4. Bundles- Living in EU nearly every PS4 title has a bundle

5. Price Cut- US only.

It is no wonder the PS4 is leading in Europe and the UK. Sunset will be off the top 10 next week and the Sunset bundle is not selling.

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