Moon - Down the Hatch

A short video of the upcoming DS First Person Shooter/Adventure game Moon. Very short but very cool, also as Matt Cassamassina mentioned on the latest voice chat could be heading it's way over to the wii (not at all confirmed) enjoy.

PS360WII5869d ago

Nice. That's looking sharp :) If there is a Wii version that's fine but I'm looking forward to this DS game.


The classic ‘anti-RPG’ Moon is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5

Today, Onion Games announced that the legendary RPG – or rather, the anti-RPG – Moon has been re-released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game was originally released on PlayStation in 1997. It was resurrected 22 years later on Nintendo Switch and now on other platforms.

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Cult 1990s Anti-RPG Moon is Getting a PlayStation and PC Release

1990s anti-RPG Moon is getting a PC and PlayStation re-release "soon".

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BongSmack1043d ago

"it turns RPG conventions on their heads, including the trope of storming into someone’s house and going through all their stuff." What? Those are pretty typical RPG conventions. Anti RPG? Maybe, but not evidenced based on anything described in the article.


Waiting for Deltarune? Play These Games to Fill the Gap

As the wait for Deltarune continues, this writer wanted to offer her readers a collection of similar experiences. Considering Undertale’s beginnings as an Earthbound hack, this piece aims to explore some of what could be considered Undertale’s family — games that also began with RPGMaker, were inspired by Earthbound, share a similar ideology, and games focus on reactive stories. Additionally, this piece hopes to highlight some of the lesser known Undertale-esque works, the ones readers might not immediately find when sifting through Google’s suggestions. As an added bonus, these games are budget-friendly - several of them are even free! Others range from $5-20. (Many were included in the BLM bundle on Itch.io, both Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass and Anodyne from this list are included.) There’s something for every Undertale fan in this list, so hopefully you readers will find something new to ease the anticipation for Deltarune!

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