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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

The months leading up to the release of the Xbox One saw a large number of marketing campaigns showing off Microsoft's next console; one of the main focuses of the Xbox One's launch campaigns was the latest offering from Crytek. Those that have been around a while will know that I was extremely impressed with Crytek's Crysis trilogy on the Xbox 360 as it provided some of the best looking games for the last generation. The next generation of Microsoft consoles was going to launch with Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek's newest title and designed to show off the power of the Xbox One. While the launch for the Xbox One was not terrible, it did not release to the fanfare that one would expect out of a Crytek title. Now nearly a year after the launch of the Xbox One Crytek has released Ryse: Son of Rome via Steam; is the second coming of the Son of Rome worth the investment?

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Volkama1532d ago

Steam user reviews are over-whelmingly positive as well.

Definitely picking this up again. Thoroughly enjoyed the first playthrough, and 4k is reason enough to have a second crack at it. But... when it's < £15 :)