First Review of Buzz! Quiz TV (7/10) by HardGame2

HardGame2 writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"It is a pity that have not evolved the competition itself, because the evidence to which we will face are identical to those we saw in PS2 or very similar, and that is watching what has improved presentation and implementation of the functions online, this game would have brought a better note.

Still, it remains one of the best options (but better) to enjoy together with our friends or relatives at the holidays because the hours of fun are fully guaranteed."

The best: The functions online (creating questions and online game). It remains highly entertaining. Ideal for playing with other people. 5000 questions given for a long time. The buttons are wireless.

The worst: The tests are built almost identical to those he had in the Buzz! PS2. To not have people with whom to play."

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resistance1004742d ago

This isn't the first Review, OPM have reviewed it already (i think)

heyheyhey4742d ago

this isn't first

IGN reviewed it yesterday- it got 7.8 i think

it's hard to review games like this- for a quiz game it's probably fantastic with all the options... but that doesn't change the fact that it's still a quiz game

i love Buzz and all... but i can set up a quiz party with an interactive DVD

hack64644742d ago

I guess this is a pretty decent score for the kind of game that it is.