Capcom Responds to SSF II Turbo HD Remix Beta Problems


"Earlier today we broke the news that the recently released Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta was experiencing some major freezing problems when players try to connect to matches online, resulting in a full system crash. Well Capcom has come out and responded to the problems in blog form."

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predator4739d ago

Thank god..such a pitty as i was really lookign forward to this beta...lets hope they sort it out fast

cain1414739d ago

hopefully they can sort these problems out...

aubradley4739d ago

They have to do something, releasing a broken beta does not bode well with the gamer community at large.

Relin4739d ago

I never expected this game to sell well, but if they can't get a working beta out to core gamers, it won't sell at all.

predator4738d ago

i actualy expect this game to sell by the bucket loads as teh original street fighter did when it was released earlier on Arcade