Stunning Resistance 2 Footage: Big Characters

New footage showing big monsters of Resistance 2 from GamerSyde.

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Fishy Fingers5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

Eight of us should be able to bring that big sucker down :)

Opps this a duplicate :( Better quality though.

MK_Red5873d ago

Good one though that big thing isn't alone :)
The battle against that one is gonne be EPIC!

juuken5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

I think I would have fainted.
This girl is a wuss for big bosses. .-.

lol, j/k.

The game looks awesome so far.

eagle215873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

This is the first time I saw a in-game chimera for R2. Stunning indeed...

Day one confirmed. I am pissed I can't fight that big sucker right now! :)

these videos download straight onto your PS3 hard drive by the way..

NDN_Shadow5873d ago

Hey guys,

That Iceland footage was never supposed to be released, and comes from an internal Insomniac/Sony teaser. It was created in December 2007.

Things have obviously come a lot way since then,

James Stevenson
Community Manager
Insomniac Games, Inc.

Source: http://boards.ign.com/ps3_l...

Bubble Buddy5873d ago

I love you Insomniac. First-Person Huge Boss battles is what I've always wanted. They always bring something fresh to the table.

Doctor Strange5873d ago

Can't wait to go up against that and since it is from 2007 then its going to look fantastic come November.

hack64645873d ago

You gotta love Insomniac. They are amazing developers.

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TrevorPhillips5873d ago

i dont think 8 is enough to take out that huge ass monster :)

MK_Red5873d ago

I wonder if these beasts make it to the multiplayer. 32 will be enough I guess :D

Dc4eVeR5873d ago (Edited 5873d ago )

Exellent game.

Booourns5873d ago

8 player co-op to fight monsters like that should be excellent indeed.

CBaoth5873d ago

Kudos to Insomniac - amazing we're getting a 3rd gen PS3 title already.