The Talos Principle underwent 15,000 hours of playtesting — but not by humans (interview)

GamesBeat: "It’s fitting, in this game that makes you a human playing a self-aware robot, that almost all the playtesting — some 15,000 hours’ worth — was done by a bot pretending to be human. It did so much testing that the developers started referring to it as “him” and gave it a pet name: Bot."

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darkronin2292413d ago

Never heard of a dev using a bot to test their games before. That's cool!

AgentSmithPS42413d ago

Never send a human to do a machine's job.

ColManischewitz2413d ago

Ugh. Can't see how a bot could do better than human testers who can come up with crazy ways to try to break games.

midnightambler2413d ago

That's cool. Kind of like the robot arms that test the drawers in Ikea.

gangsta_red2413d ago


But seriously, if I was a QA tester I would get pretty nervous about something like this.

the_dark_one2413d ago


thats what i was going to say :D
Any way game looks intresting