Sonic Xtreme Final Build Unearthed?

20 years after being originally announced for the Sega Saturn, the lost legend of Sonic X-treme could finally be unearthed.

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THamm1446d ago

Cool, people may finally realize that super mario galaxy wasn't as original as they thought.

shaw981445d ago

I bet someone thought about the light bulb before Thomas edison. I bet someone else thought of many things. But other people made it happen. Even if this game ever were to come to light, it still would not of had near the same ideas that involve gravity puzzle platforming and situations. Galaxy did it first. Nintendo made the idea of space and blew everyone out of the water without ever hearing about this game that was never made.

Maybe someone else other than thomas edison would have invented the lightbulb if he never did. But that does not lower the credibility of creativity and invention making just because someone else could have done it. He made it popular, he did it first with his own mind. Just like galaxy did with itself.

Ol_G1445d ago

Amen getting sick and tired of these so called Sonic fanboys trying to promote a dead mascotte while discrediting a certain famous plumber

BiggerBoss1445d ago

Actually, Nikola Tesla by all rights should be known for "inventing" electricity, as he created AC which we use today. Edison is just more well known because hes American, which is a bit unfair to history.

ANYWAYS, back on topic lol, ive never heard of this Sonic game until now, thats pretty interesting. I loved most of the old sonic games

THamm1445d ago

Didn't know my comment would strike a chord. Wasn't discrediting nintendy, just shows sega was ahead of their time and not knowing it. Kinda like Nintendo is behind times and not knowing it.

The 10th Rider1445d ago

Well, Sonic Adventure 2 also had levels with a gravity system. They were awful, just plain miserable.

The concept in Super Mario Galaxy was hardly new...But the level of quality really brought out the potential in the concept to create a masterpiece of a game.

hkgamer1445d ago

no. totally different from what you are thinking.

anyway ratchet and clank did that before mario aswell.

ValKilmer1446d ago

Wow, I need to play this.

filchron1446d ago

thank god i just bought a modded saturn not too long ago

pwnsause_returns1446d ago

it wont play on your saturn man, it was a PC build. go read up on it on neogaf while you get the chance.

you need an NVidia NV1 and windows 95 to play it. pretty much a relic from the past to play it LOL.

but hey, if someone can be able to port the code todays machines, then we might have a chance LOL

hkgamer1445d ago

or the best we can get is to just watch someone play :(

well didnt really think this game looked that great in the past anyway.

TWB1446d ago

Sounds interesting.

Blank1445d ago

I love it when the video game community gets together on stuff like this it just truly makes me smile, when i read the title I almost did a backflip out of joy.

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