Microsoft talks to the world: PC gaming is looking up

In an open letter to the world, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of LIVE, Software and services John Schappert has told consumers that things are looking up for PC gaming.

He claimed that Microsoft had helped make the PC gaming platform the "largest gaming platform in the world".

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Dogswithguns4743d ago

Sounds good. I love my gaming PC.

kewlkat0074743d ago

seems like a comeback...they need to combat Piracy though...

Statix4743d ago

...then they say that PC gaming has never been stronger. Which one is it?

AAACE54743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

The only people who care about PC gaming are people who have high quality systems (a.k.a. dumped so much money in it and hate to see it wasted), and people who use the PC as an excuse not to buy a 360! We all heard it before... "360 games don't matter, cause they will all get ported over to the Ps3 or PC!"

What if I just like to play games without waiting for it to install, or worrying about if my PC can handle it? I go through alot of games, and don't really get too hooked on particular games too long... ever think of that!

Woah! I was thinking of another post while I was writing that one, so the emotions got mixed sorry, but overall it is a true statement!