The five best things about Halo 3

1up discuss the five best things about Halo 3.

"Over the last three weeks, we've been tasked with bringing a slew of information and finding different ways to present it. All of the information we've dug up, we dredged in a single day spent at Bungie's studio. What's best about the pre-alpha version of Halo 3 that we played?"

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MicroGamer4369d ago

The worst thing about Halo 3

1. It's not freakin here yet!!!!!

Thank you.

Marriot VP4368d ago

best thing about halo is the developers are making the game next gen and not releasing it prematurely.

cannonsimp244369d ago

The best thing about Halo 3 is that its for 360 only all the sony fanyboys will be left out.