BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition - Launch Trailer

Launch Trailer of BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition.

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Neonridr1445d ago

Surprised they didn't try to put out PS4 and XB1 versions.. then they could call them the "Definitive Versions"

DuoBrian1445d ago

That would be awesome though :(

Neonridr1445d ago

yeah, I probably would have double dipped.. :P

Orbilator1445d ago

Could have been a remastered hd edition of all 3 mmmmmmm on xb1/ps4

mkis0071445d ago

want this and oblivion/skyrim/fallout3/newve gas too

Relientk771445d ago

If they put this on PS4 I probably would have gotten it

xwilldemise1445d ago

What a shocker to not remaster it into current gen like most devs are doing. Shame I would have probably invested in that too, especially if it came with Bioshock 1 & 2 again. It's been awhile.

Perjoss1445d ago

This bundle still makes a lot of sense, the new consoles still have a tiny install base compared to PS3 and 360, but I admit I would have gotten it for sure if it had come to PS4 and XboxOne.

theshredded1445d ago

Argueibly the best fps I've ever played,best but not favorite though

Spikeantestor1444d ago

I find that interesting. I'm a fan for sure and I tend to get on a soap box when people start trashing the game. But while I don't think it should be trashed I find even those who like it tend to view it as flawed.

But you believe it's the best FPS ever made while not being your sentimental favorite. Could you explain?

theshredded1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

It's a matter of taste.I didn't like the 2 limit for vigors & weapons,I think that Songbird should've had more time,these are some of my complaints but other than that the game's outstanding.I'm a bit of a goth u may say,I favor dark gritty games like Dark Souls and games that innovate & have great gameplay most hence y I enjoyed Bioshock more.I also felt that stealth was a missed opportunity..

Spikeantestor1444d ago

But when you say it's the best out of what you have played, which games does it strike you as better than in the FPS genre?

Again I really like the game but even I would say that it is flawed as an FPS. Flawed as compared to the first game, for example, but compared to many others as well.

So if you could just elaborate on what makes it actually BETTER than most.

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