Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Lag is Turning Players Off the Game

CraveOnline: "I’ve now put a fair few hours into the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare since its official release yesterday, and I’ve found myself having more fun with it than any CoD game in recent memory. However, it does suffer with some (at times) crippling lag issues due to Activision’s refusal to give the game dedicated servers, and many are finding this lag so unbearable that it is making the game nigh-on unplayable."

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qwerty6762464d ago

idk about the ps4 version

but couldn't Activision have used Microsoft azure servers?

thrust2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I have noticed the lag only happens when someone with a poor internet connection comes in to the game it seems to effect all the players a lot.

When normal just that person who has a bad internet is laggy all the players become laggy.

theshonen88992464d ago

Microsoft's servers are required for all Xbox Live games. Hence the original justification for an Xbox Live subscription.

donthate2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )


That is not true. The servers are offered to devs at a reduced cost, but larger devs like Activision, EA, Ubisoft and so on often prefer to use their own servers.

However, the devs servers are still integrated within Xbox Live. It is not like it is decoupled.

That is why you have issues on the alpha of Evolve where you have same developer, same game and same servers, but different network between PSN and XBL, yet XBL had no issues and PSN did.

That said, CoD:AW doesn't even have dedicated servers. They use servers primarily for matchmaking, and then it is P2P all the way.

That is why is I skipped CoD for the first time since MW1. Bought every iteration day-1 (or pre-ordered), but this one I skipped. Playing Titanfall on rock solid dedicated servers with Azure have completely spoiled me.

I can't go back so instead I am waiting for Halo:MCC which is also powered by Azure.

XabiDaChosenOne2464d ago

@donthate "The servers are offered to devs at a reduced cost, but larger devs like Activision, EA, Ubisoft and so on often prefer to use their own servers."
Links please thanks.

Alsybub2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

@XabiDaChosenOne & @theshonen8899

It's true, not all publishers use Microsoft's servers. The intention was that they would, and it was a requirement, but EA started removing their online components from games at the beginning of the 360's life, out of protest. Microsoft was forced to bow to the pressure and EA has used it's own servers ever since. It's one of the reasons why you always know that a big EA game released on Xbox is almost guaranteed to have server issues at the beginning. If they went through LIVE then it probably wouldn't be so bad.

I don't know about other publishers though. I thought EA was the exception to the rule and I'm not saying it's every game that EA releases. After all, Titanfall used Azure but then I suppose that doesn't necessarily mean Titanfall used LIVE for matchmaking.

Kidmyst2464d ago

On PC I had it time out joining a session once last night. The a little lag at the beginning of one but then saw a player disconnected and it was fine. I don't get why they have gamers host games but don't allow dedicated servers like clans used to be able to run their own. I miss the days of custom servers, like rifles only.

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Sonital2464d ago

Thou shalt not speak of the cloud!

DARK WITNESS2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

COD has had lag issues pretty much since mw2.

Lag compensation to be more exact.

The big problem has always been that;

A. The dev's refuse to accept there actually is an issue.

B. It seems to affect players so randomly and the experiences seem to be so contrasting that it's to nail down. example some players it affects by more or less giving them God mode, while others players find it impossible to kill anybody because it seems like everyone is a few seconds ahead of them. For some players this seems to vary from game to game while for other players it is either one or the other constantly.

I know some people who love the original black ops and say they never had a problem with it. I found that game unplayable.

MW3 was even worse.

The best example I can give though was my experience with BLOPS2.

When the game launched I refused to buy it because of my experience with the last few Cod games and lag.

My friends said I should get it and that it felt and played the closes to Cod4 in terms of connection. I Caved in and to my surprise I actually had no issues with it.

What was funny was a lot of my US friends refused to play it because they said the lag was sooo bad, it felt like they were moving soooo slow and everyone else was moving soooooo fast like they were a few seconds behind everyone.... Funny thing that, I could have sworn that is what I was going through with BLOPS and MW3 and everyone thought I was making it up!

Well a few weeks into the game, second week of Dec to be exact I think, and BOOM! the first update lands. OMG THE GAME JUST WENT FROM BEING PERFECT TO BEING TOTALLY UNPLAYABLE!!!! WTF, WTF, NERD RAGE, RAGE QUITE WTF!!!

The BLOPS2 forums lit up like a xmas tree. One half of the community now saying they could play the game now and it was working fine. The other half of the community saying they could not play at all, it was horrible.

All of a sudden we were being told it was our connection that was the issue. a lot of us could not understand that because it had been working fine and our connections had not changed at all.

A few of us had pointed out we thought it was a network code issue but again half the community said it was working fine and we were just lacking skill etc. Then that video game out showing that even on a LAN connection there was clearly visible lag issues.... on LAN!

The issue will not be fixed with Dedicated servers. look at BF4 and the issues that had and that was on Ded servers. COD has lag issues on LAN, that says it all. If you actually watch some of the videos when they are doing their tournaments etc you can actually see bullet lag, dying after running round a corner or behind over and all that sort of crap, and that is suppose to be on Lan.

now the next cod is here and it's the same issue all over again. I have not bought the new Cod because of the issues above.

Even if you told me the connection is fine and working, until the first few patches, hotfixes come out it could all change.

If you have really bad lag right now, it could improve with a few updates.

If you have no issues with lag right now, that could also change with updates later on.

For now, I am just going to watch and see what happens. some of my clan have already said it's good but it's got all the same bullshit issues with connection that I have hated about cod since forever.

Palitera2464d ago

It is much worse than MW2. Since the TTK is again ridiculously low, it is felt all the time.

I didnt even know this issue was pushing off more people, but i can say for myself: my copy was already resold.

Add to it:
- It's the most camp friendly game I have ever played. I have never seen so many little spots designed specifically for camping in any game. (But the maps flow better than the latest games, at least. 3 lanes, clashing points, some powerful positions...).
- the perks are inoffensive.
- and unbalanced. There's no reason not to put cold blooded on tier 1.
- the kill streaks have no ooomph at all.
- talking about ooomph, the guns... It's a joke that they put a paintball effects options on the game, because that's exactly what the guns feel like.
- verticality, but not so much. I think I have received an "out of bounds" message in every single game I've played...
- finally, the public. I have forgotten how annoying these kids are. The nail in the coffin.
I'd give the MP 3/10. It's very bad IMO.

I liked CoD even until MW3, but after this their games are pure garbage imo. I dont know why I keep trying them every year... Well, at least I can say I have an opinion of my own.

Ricegum2464d ago

I have an opinion of my own and I love the game. Far from garbage, bit over dramatic don't you think? This is definitely a step in the right direction, the most fun I've had since Modern Warfare 1&2. But yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinion :)

Oh and on topic, I've only had a problem with lag about 3 times and I was playing it all day yesterday, so it's a non-issue for me at the moment.

Palitera2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

No drama. I really think this is a very bad MP game. Haven't even touched SP before reselling and the survival mode... Seriously, no ranking up, no progression kept, nothing? There's a reason why most people prefer roguelites to roguelikes...

Well, my bubbles are gone. Have fun with the game. I kind of envy you guys that enjoy it.

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BX812464d ago

It uses p2p? I noticed when someone backs out it host migrates. Other than the lag I love it.

k3rn3ll2464d ago

COD has always done that has it not? I've played everything since MW and I don't remember a game that didn't migrate.

Meltic2464d ago

Im in europé and the lag is killing me. Im playing on a high end PC.

CervantesPR12464d ago

they wont use the azure servers because they are not free, there is some sort of catch to it.

VegasDawg2464d ago

Your wrong quit making up stuff. Ea has their own servers and demanded MS let them use it same as Ubisoft.

Patrick_pk442464d ago

I've played there hours of COD MP on PS4 and haven't experienced lag.

punishing12464d ago

I know our experiences are all individual, but I can tell you I've suffered it pretty regularly on PS4 in the short time I've played. Had at least two application freezes playing MP too, where I had to close it altogether. MY connection shows that it's solid, but I can see other players with a 1 bar connection. They must be the culprit.

3-4-52464d ago

XB1 since midnight release, only one game lagged so far and that was for about 4-5 seconds.

* People are overexagerating the lag in this game.

Some of those people are just not good, so they blame the lag. Don't believe me ? Ever watch a "good" or "pro" player play and do bad ?

They will blame ANYTHING except themselves.

Lots of these players think they are pro, so most of the comments I've seen have been about them not being able to adapt to the game, and so the complain about it.

* I have a good connection but I know others have much better, and if I'm having 99.99% of my games be fine, I'd imagine about 90% of you are as well.

BeatYoAzz892464d ago

The lag issues are mainly on PS3 and 360 and no they are not over exaggerated. I have been playing since Day Zero midnight and I have yet to see a match countdown timer by the time I spawn in most players are already in and ready can't tell u how many times I've joined then get immediately killed by an enemy coming around the corner. But it doesnt stop there lots of getting killed around corners (bullet wise), moments of freezing in gun fights, sometimes I kill people with 5 bullets others take a whole clip and fly away to turn around put 3 bullets in me and i die, not able to spawn right away after death even when its showing push square to respawn, and every single game all the players ping will go from red to 2 bars to red to 3 bars back to red and will do it all game long. I have open NAT and fast internet doesnt make a difference. Also have 2.00+ k/d in cod franchise since MW1 so I know how to play the game problem isn't on our end.

Godz Kastro2464d ago

Dude, i was just saying that yesterday as i played. I can not believe they are still using peer to peer.

ramiuk12464d ago

not had any lag issues on ps4,there was 1 guy with a bad ping that was skipping about but only once and i been smashing it for last 2 days .
im in uk.

VealParmHero2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

It's a shame they didn't use Azure or at least some form of ded servers. I honestly had no idea, and I've been following this game for months now. I guess I just assumed that next-gen meant dedicated servers for all the big mp-focused games. Even ghosts had them. I think the lack of them is inexcusable. I have been experiencing some pretty inconsistent connection so far. It's not the random times where you get mad or just blame it on is very obvious lag where you simply cannot be quick or accurate enough to overcome it. Then, I'll get back on, and everything is fine.

I'll tell ya this, other online games have been working great for both my ps4 and x1. Titanfall namely, has almost no lag thanks to the azure servers. Biggest title around relies on P2P though?

I have my gripes with this game, but overall it's actually really fun and a nice change of pace...but the f***ing lag!

XanderZane2464d ago

Microsoft offered dedicated server for FREE I thought. They have over 300K of them. It's stupid that devs don't want to use them. 2K Sports also uses their own crappy servers, which is why their online service is so screwed up. They should have just used Microsofts dedicated servers. I'm not having any issues with Horizon 2 or Sunset Overdrive. These devs are just stupid.

otherZinc2463d ago


I agree completely! This is where M$ outclassed its competition.

There are no problems with Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and I'm sure there'll be no problem with Halo Master Chief Collection!

Devs need to use M$s resources when making an online game on an XBOX Console. If Sony has crap servers, tough, Drive Club still doesn't work.

r1sh122464d ago

lag compensation has been part of COD since Black Ops.. Why are people discovering it now and complaining about it?

XanderZane2463d ago

Probably because gamers were hoping that Activision would wise up and get the proper dedicate server for their most popular game. Activision is making serious millions off of the CoD franchise and they can't afford proper dedicated servers for this game? It's ridiculous. This should have been taken care of back when MW3 was released.

bennissimo2464d ago

No lag whatsoever over my XBL connection. After ~5 hours of on/off play, lag would have already presented itself were it an XBL issue.

r1sh122460d ago

dude.. its not xbox live or playstation network. You dont use their servers.
Its P2P - I.e the same way torrents work.
1 person becomes the 'server' and distributes the data to all other players.

thats why players get host


ps4 version = tons of lag too

xtremeimport2464d ago

It still doesn't have dedicated servers?!

The Dude2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I own both versions the PS4 and Xbox1. I love the mechanics of the game. But there are too many lobbies on both platforms where the lag plays such a big factor into which team wins, like bullets not registering etc. I'm to the point I'm starting to feel like I'm done with the COD series all together.

boneso822463d ago

"I'm to the point I'm starting to feel like I'm done with the COD series all together."

Ghosts didn't make you feel like that already?

Kingoftherodeo2463d ago

they could but then you might end up with a version of the game with a more stable network than the other. so to be fair we all get to run on potato

DLConspiracy2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

It seems they went the parity route and decided to NOT do as many dedicated servers as ghosts did. Which is odd to me. Not sure why they chose more peer 2 peer methods than they did with ghosts. I figured it was a sure bet they would have. Seems they toned it back for some reason and unfortunately it has a few laggy problems. I sure hope they change their minds and actually take advantage of some of the azure servers. Which if its because of parity, I think that's just as bad as the resolution parity in my book. I choose ms and Xbox for their online servers.

Its significantly laggier then ghosts EVER was on Xbox one... Give us the servers Activision. Let ms give you some free servers.

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Simmo3D2464d ago

Xbox users could use Dedicated Azure servers but nooooo. Activision sucks.

Volkama2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Activision/MS relationship may have soured a little, because Ghosts was promised to use dedicated servers on the Xbox One with a big song and dance but this release it seems to be completely off the table.

The devs have said there will be dedicated servers, but they refuse to specify platforms or details and there clearly aren't any servers right now.

VealParmHero2464d ago

at Volkama, I think Ghosts may have started without servers on the last-gen versions and then eventually they implemented them to some degree. Could we maybe see them put the game on servers over time?

Utalkin2me2464d ago

And Sony users could use dedicated servers as well.

Volkama2464d ago

If Activision set them up, yes. Which they should for a game as big as COD.

MasterCornholio2464d ago

Well that's true. Its not like dedicated servers are an exclusive feature to Microsoft or anything.

Volkama2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Servers aren't an exclusive feature, but Microsoft make it easy and affordable to host them. There isn't really a good excuse not to use what is supposed to be a defining feature of the XBox platform.

That's a discussion for smaller games though, it's moot with regards to COD. Activision must have solid datacentres established already for Destiny and WoW. They should be hosting COD servers, even if they're only accessible with some money-grabbing premium scheme.

GameDev12464d ago


Sony do have their own private dedicated servers, so Activison can use it.

Sony use their on private Openstack servers from Rackspace and even hired Rackspace engineers, it does almost everything azure can do and its runs servers for first party and exclusive games


You and others should really gain knowlegde on servers run by companies, Microsoft just lets theirs made known more while Sony does it behind the scenes as usual

TankCrossing2464d ago

@Gamedev1 Call of Duty is not a Sony first party game.

Besides, if DriveClub is any indication of Sony's server performance then P2P might be the better option anyway.

Take your foot out of your mouth, it's unhygienic.

GameDev12464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )


I think it was made very clear Driveclub's problem had to do with software code rather than the actual hardware (dedicated servers) that run it

Talk about spilling unhygenic crap from about a topic you seemingly didnt know about eh??

And it doesnt matter if Activision isnt an exclusive, my point is that they can request a use of Sony's Openstack servers

Palitera2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

1. Dedicated servers do not fix bad netcode.
2. Dedicated servers create a whole new group of issues. Actually, for such a popular game, if the matchmaking is made right, lobbies can make ping be much lower if the game connects you with a host actually near you, something that the servers might not be.

It is not a magic perfect solution at all.

TankCrossing2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

That's true Palitera, but with Xbox Live the servers are always relatively local. That's the best thing about it from a player point of view, and the reason "dedicated servers are not new and anyone can use them" doesn't really hold up as a counterpoint.

P2P can still be better for perhaps a 2 player online game in the right circumstances, but otherwise the "power of the cloud" is as good as it's going to get.

TankCrossing2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

And "Gamedev1" DriveClub problems have nothing to do with servers, yet they have felt the need to bring more servers online? Where is the sense in that?

DriveClub is not really the topic, but it is fair to say it doesn't provide a glowing endorsement of Sony's hosting regardless of any software problems contributing.

Also, there is no evidence what-so-ever that Sony would be willing to host servers for a 3rd party multiplatform game, and there is no evidence to suggest that it would be a good thing if they did.

There is plenty of evidence that Activision can host their own servers (Destiny), and plenty of evidence Microsoft allow 3rd parties to use Azure.

If you must go on a fanboy rampage you should pick your battles. Stick to safer topics like resolution and sales. Perhaps mention Naughty Dog a few times.

Ju2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

There is really no reason why the server backend for the PS4 can't run on an Azure hosted VM. I mean, they offer compute resources and that works with any platform. Sure, the Azure specific API won't be available on a non windows based OS, but MS doesn't own TCP/IP. And eventually it runs scalable VMs connected over an IP protocol. Technically, both can run the same server version (in fact, this is quite true for most hosted games, those run the same server backend with an instance for PS/Xbox/PC each...and yes...I have worked on those, so I guess I know). Only lobby and matchmaking relies on PSN/XBLive/GameSpy or what ever.

Dark_king2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

"there is no evidence what-so-ever that Sony would be willing to host servers for a 3rd party multiplatform game,"
I remember reading somewhere that Sony would for a fee.

" and there is usevidence to suggest that it would be a good thing if they did"
Now that's just not true in fact they proved that years ago with MAG and PS2 is here now proving it again.Lets not fool are self here. How many MMO's has Sony got out there running great.

VegasDawg2464d ago

Only if they bought time from a 3rd party like AMazon and it's not cheap so it's not likely to happen much this generation. Other companies have it but not Sony, they have a cloud but it only streams games, MS spent almost 10 billion on the cloud just last year alone,no way on earth could SOny afford that.

Ju2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

^^ All the money they spent, huh. And now they are giving it away for free?

Server hosting costs money. No matter who provides the service. MS might give you a discount for XBL if you host on Azure and use MS's services. But that's about it. The publisher pays for the server time. No matter how you want to twist this.

Azure isn't a game hosting service (only). It's a corporate business service which also is used for gaming.

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FanboyKilla2464d ago

acti and ea want to use their own servers, because if they use ms servers, it would put theirs to shame. you wouldnt want anything but dedicated.

also, what about ps4? you think they would put xone on dedicated servers and ps4 on p2p? lmfao those sony fanboys would blow their tops. they wouldnt even support the game. they would want it too. you cant use ms for sony soooo they would have to provide their own for sony. which means spend money, which means they wont.

Simmo3D2464d ago ShowReplies(2)
pompombrum2464d ago

p2p in 2014? Sorry but that's laughable especially when it's with one of the most profitable releases of the year.

CowbopBeboy2464d ago

Agreed. You'd think Activision would invest some money into dedicated servers by now.

Alexious2464d ago

I didn't lag at all and yesterday was the first day with everyone playing.

CowbopBeboy2464d ago

It differentiates between players. I've experienced some issues, but not as many as others. But when compared with Titanfall, which had dedicated servers, it's very noticeable.

SheenuTheLegend2464d ago

Believe me, it lags so much to me.
I can play every other game fine but never a call of duty

SuicideKing2464d ago

Maybe your too slow for call of duty...just joking.
It seems the same as every year for me lag wise. Sometimes it is realy bad but mostly ok. It is disappointing coming from Titanfall though.