Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 4th-10th Nov 2014

Neil writes "What's that you say? Another Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale has kicked off? But what bargains can you pick up? Let us tell you!"

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SideNote1447d ago

Meh, but i did pick up Titanfall for Xbox One for £27 few days ago on xbox live. Superb Game.

Volkama1447d ago

Getting all the additional Titanfall content for £6.60 was nice.

These offers aren't that appealing to me as I either have the games or don't want them, but it's nice to see the list of XBox One offers is getting longer now.

oKidUKo1447d ago

What a bargain Deus Ex is, almost tempted to bin my disc version to get digital.

Samsara821447d ago

yes get D4....for 10$ it's a steal...was already a good deal at 15$....

TimeSkipLuffy1447d ago

D4 is probably a title that will be free sooner or later in GwG :D