Here's What a Japanese Assassin's Creed Could Look Like

Vin Hill is an artist just starting out in the video game business. He is also a man with a very clear idea of what a Japanese Assassin's Creed could look like.

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Insomnia_842513d ago

Vin Hill has a bright future.

Rhaigun2513d ago

I hate giving clicks to Kotaku, but this was too awesome not to.

breakpad2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

these Ubisoft lame developers dont even dared to touch ancient japan as it would be a totally failure in comparison to other original japanese developed games who depict ancient japan ...the AC series owe his success because it depicts some historical time periods (ultra unrealistically i could say) while nobody other has done it (in the blind the one eyed is king) ..but the same doesnt go for japan where they tend to showcase their history every time is possible and their specific way of depicting it can not be touched by westerners ...lame hypocrites Ubisoft are lame

Lord_Sloth2513d ago

I dunno why Ubi said it was a boring setting. There's a whole lot of history they could use in Japan if they'd just look. They even have that whole Assaulting any foreigner bit that was brought about by Christianity for a time. Right there's the Templar connection since they tied them to the Vatican.

donthate2513d ago

I would have likely given Assassin's Creed a chance if it was set in an South East Asian setting.

TheFanboySlayer2513d ago

Very cool. Would play it......

skulz72513d ago

It will happen eventually, trust me.

osprey192513d ago

Surely this has to happen eventually. Right? I mean just by popular demand, china or Japan would be awesome. Ancient Egypt would also be cool.

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