Quake 3 Arena on PS3 via Fedora

Can this be that such a featuristic system developed by Sony now roots outward to find legions both old and new to check upon with its immense compatibility domain, and actualy succeeds at that? It sure seems to be true as Naoneo (aka. Nevada), has given us a brief description on how he has obtained this feat on one of his websites with the all time favourite Quake 3 Arena.

Although the game runs without hardware acceleration support yet so it runs slower, one of the only solutions to this slow speed issue is Sony themselves allowing hardware acceleration of their graphic chipsets.

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Bhai4343d ago

...that this is one hell of an excellent system, really as IGN has pointed that its the most PC like console ever with such an awesome level of 'upgradation through software' I believe that in around six months or so, when basically everything will have been unlocked by Sony, this waiting in ambush breathtaking technology will really sweep everything away.
From cellular phone connectivity to 60+ feet blu-tooth controller range, from PSP connectivity to PS1 downloadable games, e-dist titles to HD movies, open platform support(linux, mac, windows) to downloadable content, backward compatibility to the huge PC games lineup(hopefully...please Sony allow this)...and not to forget the awesome total next-gen procedural synthesis based titles, really this system is gonna be here for a whole decade at the minimum.

videl4343d ago

i want a ps3! so badly.

TheMART4343d ago

PS3 will die because of this

No one will buy many games any more. Or they are dumped, or other games are simulated from PC

Boink4343d ago

loosing money on the hardware, and not making it up with game sales is not a good thing.

drewdrakes4343d ago

Well sony does have to give hardware acceleration, which they could charge for. Also the guy writing the article make it seem as though accomplishing the install is hard, but on a regular linux system it isnt. You just get those libs and then make it. Its basically done for you if there is a Make file.

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