Buy, Try, or Die: November 2014 Release List

GR: Blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty, Dragon Age, and Halo each have new entries or collections on stores shelves this month while family friendly brands like Sonic and Adventure Time deck retail shelves.

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Spikeantestor3313d ago

I've put so many hours into various Pokemon games (something like 530 for X) but I just don't think I can do it any more. I like the world and such, it's just that Pokemon is never finished. There's always better Pokemon I could breed, always shinies to find, always teams to try, and it's just too exhausting anymore. I look at OR & AS and all I see are a mountain of incomplete goals waiting to stare at me.

TXIDarkAvenger3313d ago

RIP Wallet, lot's of good games this month.

Spenok3312d ago

Seriously. Especially Nov. 18th. That day will RAPE wallets. Especially mine. I have 4 games that day, though one of them is a second copy.

knifefight3313d ago

I'm probably the only guy outside of Europe who will be buying Football Manager 2015.

Nolando3313d ago


On top of finally buying my Xbox One SSO Bundle, with Forza Horizon 2 and Halo MCC There's a Pokémon game coming out too!!!

My wallet is reeling, I still haven't bought Super Smash Bros for my 3DS! :(

AND Lego Batman 3 is coming out this month? Forget money how will i have enough time!! :o

AgentSmithPS43313d ago

I'm glad I'll have GTA V (waited for PS4 version) to keep me entertained until I see how much the other games are really worth. Dragon Age looks good but for some reasons, including EA's involvement, I'll wait and see what horrors the future holds. I do hope it turns out great though since I don't have W3 yet.

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Sakurai explains why he feels Smash Bros. and online play aren't a good fit

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros., explains why he believes online play isn't a good fit for the series.

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Vanfernal192d ago

I feel bad for Smash fans. Those guys have been trying to maintain the scene active for 20+ years and get nothing but hate from Nintendo.

RoseSapphire192d ago

Sakurai explains how he and Nintendo still don't understand how the internet works.


Snookies12192d ago

Exactly, online play would be wonderful on Smash if Nintendo gave a crap about their online services. To be fair though, Nintendo's online offerings would be great if it were 15-20 years ago lol.

jambola192d ago

I've always said that Nintendo is either innovative and ahead of the curve
or 20 years behind, no in between

CrimsonWing69192d ago

I’m sorry, but if a game is MP then there’s no f*cking argument that can justify no online MP. What he says about competition being different from just playing with friends shows me how out of touch these people are.

It’s not until a new generation that understands things steps in to clean-house that we’ll see some evolution here.

Vanfernal192d ago

His argument is nonsensical. "You'd be limited to just playing people from your region". As opposed to being limited to playing people FROM YOUR COUCH!

CrimsonWing69192d ago

What I don’t get is how do you not have competition and experience the same issue if you have a friend that’s way better than you?

GoodGuy09192d ago

It's a big fighting game so online multiplayer is a must. Competitive smash is the only thing I see fun in these games anymore asides from the big character reveals, singleplayer is laughable and you ain't gunna have people over for couch gaming much.

If Nintendo makes a new smash, it needs a huge evolution for singleplayer/couch play to be enjoyable for me any more. But we all know they'll just do a deluxe edition for their next console lol. They really need to up their servers as well.

NotoriousWhiz192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

I can't imagine Nintendo producing a better smash game than ultimate. Roll it forward with a deluxe edition maybe with an extra character or two and call it a day.

Some other developers can try pushing platform fighters to the next level, because I don't think Nintendo is up to the task.

DarthZoolu191d ago

They already created a better smash brothers game than ultimate when they created melee

masterfox192d ago

he sounds more like is trying to justify Nintendo ineptitude to create a proper network infrastructure in order to Smash Brothers work properly online.