Buy, Try, or Die: November 2014 Release List

GR: Blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty, Dragon Age, and Halo each have new entries or collections on stores shelves this month while family friendly brands like Sonic and Adventure Time deck retail shelves.

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Spikeantestor1536d ago

I've put so many hours into various Pokemon games (something like 530 for X) but I just don't think I can do it any more. I like the world and such, it's just that Pokemon is never finished. There's always better Pokemon I could breed, always shinies to find, always teams to try, and it's just too exhausting anymore. I look at OR & AS and all I see are a mountain of incomplete goals waiting to stare at me.

TXIDarkAvenger1536d ago

RIP Wallet, lot's of good games this month.

Spenok1536d ago

Seriously. Especially Nov. 18th. That day will RAPE wallets. Especially mine. I have 4 games that day, though one of them is a second copy.

knifefight1536d ago

I'm probably the only guy outside of Europe who will be buying Football Manager 2015.

Nolando1536d ago


On top of finally buying my Xbox One SSO Bundle, with Forza Horizon 2 and Halo MCC There's a Pokémon game coming out too!!!

My wallet is reeling, I still haven't bought Super Smash Bros for my 3DS! :(

AND Lego Batman 3 is coming out this month? Forget money how will i have enough time!! :o

AgentSmithPS41536d ago

I'm glad I'll have GTA V (waited for PS4 version) to keep me entertained until I see how much the other games are really worth. Dragon Age looks good but for some reasons, including EA's involvement, I'll wait and see what horrors the future holds. I do hope it turns out great though since I don't have W3 yet.

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