Sony’s biggest PS4 update yet has been a complete disaster

The latest firmware update for the PS4 has been a long time coming, but now that it’s available, most users are probably wishing that Sony had spent more time working out the kinks. Shortly after version 2.0 went live last Friday, reports began to spread that the newly dubbed Rest Mode (taking the place of Standby Mode) was putting PS4 consoles into such a deep sleep that they couldn’t be woken up.

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Death2146d ago

Definitely an exaggeration, but something that shouldn't have happened either. An update that had a negative impact for some users isn't something Sony needed after the negative publicity that Driveclub created. Driveclub issues have been going on for weeks now. A week later and 2.0 issues are still being worked on by Sony. Couple these issues with the recent DDOS attacks that Sony took longer than Microsoft to fix and it's been a rough couple months leading up to the holidays.

aceitman2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

@death well are u going to say something about the party chat system that has yet to be fixed on xbox 1 one year later. and like always it seems to be a spin on sony, ms fixed the ddos attack faster so sony takes the fall for it. bs . it happened on x1 too. sony fixed the friends list quicker than ms did. but it live has issues too , it has been down a few times and has had problems where some features didn't work . bottom line they will both have issues and hopefully both ms and sony will get it under control.

Death2146d ago

What is broken on the Xbox party chat system? I haven't experienced or heard about it yet.

Both were hit with a DDOS. It happens. How they respond to it and how long it takes to fix are just as important as preventing it from happening in the first place. Obviously not much can be done to prevent someone from attacking, but detection and re-routing times between the two manufacturers are pretty far apart. I don't think acknowledging Microsoft responding and fixing the issue much faster as be "spinning".

You are correct, Live has had issues the past year. The issues seem less relevant since they aren't persistent and get fixed much faster. Without the scheduled down time for stability updates, the service stays up longer and more consistently too.

Perhaps it is "spinning" by saying both services are out of control. I agree both can be improved, but PSN isn't anywhere near as refined as Live.

Dgander2146d ago

@Death Amen....and I hope youre prepared to get blind hate for that statement. Dont care what anyone says, im glad i got rid of the PS4 and got an Xbox One. Sony is on a power trip and their fans attack complaints and defend every fault instead of demanding better.

GiggMan2145d ago

I agree with the exaggerated part. Obviously people seem to have a different definition for disaster than mine. I ran into the rest mode "bug" once and wasn't silly enough to do it again. I'm also not going to go though some unnecessary troubleshooting on my own free time to fix it either. I just won't use it until it's fixed.

On a positive note though, I was able to try the game share feature and that worked wonderfully. I'd say that's a game changer on Sony's part for sure. 20+ years ago when I started gaming if someone would have told me that would have been possible in the future, I would have recommended they have themselves institutionalized.

Muerte24942145d ago

My PS4 is a launch system and has been working fine soooo.....

xHeavYx2145d ago

How much do you get for an imaginary PS4?

ZombieKiller2145d ago

@Dgander If Sony was on a power trip do you think they would have tried to push this update out promptly? No. Don't you think they had millions of gamers in mind when they released this software? Not saying they are angels but I think COD fans can thank them for pushing the update out before Advanced Warfare so they can upload to Youtube...which might have been their goal considering COD sells so well and Activision is in bed with Microsoft....

What other console do you know that allows you to play a friends game via network if you don't own a copy?! Seriously. I've been using that shareplay feature since it launched. By the way, I've played Drive Club for free and a few other titles...that's not a power trip at all.

I'm a big Sony fanboy and I'm not attacking shit. I'm not a fan of what MS is doing to the xbox, but that is because I'm a gamer with a wallet instead of a casual that buys just because.
We don't demand better because we GOT better. The PS4 IS better. Better graphics, better controller, better resolution, better design. Sony admitted their mistakes last gen but more importantly LEARNED from them......something a power trip wouldn't allow you to do. In return, I've got the best of the multiplatform games right outta the box.

I think 13.5 million people might agree with me on this one. Call it a hunch

HiddenMission2145d ago


Your the biggest XB1 fan boy next to green. You're always spinning MS issues as trivial because it supports your agenda which is to attack Sony.

The reality is this out of 13.5 million people who own a PS4 I'm betting less then .9% were actually impacted by the rest bug.

Other than that 13.4 million plus users got share play which is a game changer...yet you ignore that. You ignore being the 1st to allow straight to Youtube or dynamic themes being included or any of the other improvements because that would turn your agenda on its head.

Both were DDOS'd both addressed it. The fact of the matter is XB1 fanboys (not XB1 fans) are salty that it's way behind in the sales department so they're doing everything they can to try and point out all of the PS4's faults while pretending like the XB1 doesn't have its own...nothing is perfect so stop you're spinning...Both consoles have pluses and minuses so move on...

GTgamer2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

How does you guys saying you sold your PS4 affect Us (even tho you probably never had one to begin with) I'm pretty sure someone else bought it :/.

thereapersson2145d ago

Gamertk, you have to have a PS4 first to be able to sell it off.

Less than an hour in and looks like the trolls are already in full force. Let's see if the mods care enough to enforce this article.

Death2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )


First off, buying a PS4 doesn't make you a hardcore or "real" gamer. You can own a Wii and still be a gamer without requiring the casual prefix. I'm a little older and been around a while longer. Typically when someone has to tell people how smart they are, how rich they are or how successful they are, it's because they aren't. Same holds true for real gamers like you that have to let us know.

The PS4 has better native resolution. Everything else on your list is based on your opinion. I own both and prefer the Xbox controller. That doesn't mean the Xbox controller is better, it just means I prefer it. Oddly I can still game with any DualShock controller with minimal adjustments.

The entire Sony learned propaganda speech you gave is simply noise. What did they learn? Everyone prefers to pay for online multiplayer and choice is over-rated? I don't recall Playstation fans complaining PSN was free. They learned how to update their consoles better? What did they learn? I don't think either company learned anything. Neither console launched with the same feature set as the one they replaced.

Please don't tell everyone how they are wrong if they don't share your opinion. You are backing yours up with nothing specific and vague generalizations.

"I'm a gamer with a wallet instead of a casual that buys just because." Seriously, WTF does that even mean? Are you saying I didn't use my wallet to buy my WiiU? What about my Xbox One? I know I had it when I bought my PS4, but I'm pretty sure I had it last week when I bought gas and a burrito at the gas station too.

"We don't demand better because we GOT better" You sure as hell don't have better online, so you may at least put in a request. You didn't get a better driving game either, maybe do a quick shout out for those still waiting for the promised Plus edition or improvements. You don't have the more refined feature set either. What you do have is Shareplay. You also have RemotePlay. You also have a better selection of "harcore" indie games since that is no longer the thing casuals do.

I have no interest in Shareplay. I have just as much ability to use it as you do since I own a PS4. That doesn't mean I instantly like what you do. I have no issue with buying games. If I want to play with a friend, I'll buy the game and play. I'm not restricted to any system either. I can play Halo, Mario Kart and Uncharted. Shareplay would have been a game changer had it released before online gaming took off. The biggest release this year has been Destiny. How well does Shareplay work with it? Shareplay to me is about as useful as RemotePlay. It's neat that you can do it, but how exactly does either make gaming better? If you think both and/or either is the most awesome thing in the world, I won't argue it with you. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I would hope you could respect mine as well.

SmielmaN2145d ago

Give it up buddy. Everyone on here has read your flaming filth trolling comments from before and now that you've lost bubbles your trying your hardest to stealth troll Sony articles at every opportunity. Stick to MS articles as that's where you obviously play.

You ignore the positives parts of PSN for your own trolling interests and deny them or knowning of them when your called on it. Ignorance is not an excuse like you convienently try to use it for. Your ignorance is just fanboy rage at a illuminated screen and it has made you look really, really sad. Go join Septic and stealth troll Sony in pro Xbox articles. At least there you won't get lit up as bad.

And if you do have a PS4 what's your PSN name? Prove us wrong.

TheRealTedCruz2145d ago


What about this article concernes the Xbox One?
We'll go from there first.

It can't be all negative Xbox, then negative Sony . . . but look what MS did!

Sometimes we need to just concern ourselves with the article and forget everything else that isn't in the article.

That said, I'm not even sure if what you are throwing the One's way is even accurate. I haven't been keeping up, lately.

ManiacMansion2145d ago

PS4 owners are taking now Sonys 13.5 million shipped consoles as sold consoles...

Oh sorry... that was 13.5 mill till september so of course they sold them now all.

Fanboy logic... sorry guys but you ps fanboys sound really like 12 years old kids, finding also excuses for every mistake sony does.

Thats absolutely ridiculous, sorry!

Pogmathoin2145d ago

Full defence mode here..... Look, PS4 is awesome.... Not perfect, get over it and always hope theres room for more improvement. The complaining by some of you is becoming a stain on us all....

u4one2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

As an owner of both consoles, both have had their share of problems. That said, I agree with what you said. XBL seems substantially more reliable than PSN and when it does go down or have problems, not only are they very good about supplying info in the form of status metrics and eta's, they manage to get the services back up pretty darn quick. I also haven't really seen much in the way of DDOS attacks. The one a while back was pretty benign compared to the havock it brought to PSN... I am STILL having problems with Driveclub as well. I have pretty much given up on it. I was fortunate enough to not have the PS4 2.0 update cause any problems for me but it did affect a couple of my friends. Certainly bad timing. Especially when you consider the Xbox One has been receiving monthly updates that constantly update the functionality/capability and the problems have been pretty minimal. I had one issue where it stopped turning on my surround sound system when it would power up, but even that was fixed in a few weeks.

I don't say this to swing favor to one console over the other as I really don't care. I am just speaking about my personal experiences now after having both of them since they were launched.

awi59512145d ago

A ps3 update bricked my console back in the day. Then sony tried to charge me 280 dollars to fix it. I yelled screamed and threw a (*^*(^ fit and they finally called back 2 days later to fix it after allot more people called in with the problem.

OB1Biker2145d ago

tbh I think PSN was primarily hit first with DDOS then they warned Xbox would come next and M$ wasnt really taken by surprise by an half arsed attack
Also the guy from Sony whose plane had to land because of them shows how serious they were on targeting Sony

ZombieKiller2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Ok Death at what point did I state that owning a PS4 makes you a hardcore gamer?!

"The entire Sony learned propaganda speech you gave is simply noise. What did they learn?"

First off, why would I spit propaganda in the first place? The PS sales (if I even cared about sales) double the xbox, so what's my gain? I'm saying this because you are the one spitting the bullshit actually, not to mention I was actually talking to someone else.

Simply noise? To an xbox fanboy, anything a Sony fan says is noise. OF COURSE you aren't interested in SharePlay, it's a PS4 feature, you're an xbox fanboy.

How about the fact that the PS3 had it's own design and was tougher to develop for? Yet the PS4 is a breeze for some devs. Hell, even the lower quality devs are hitting 1080P 60FPS if they choose to. EASY TO DEVELOP FOR. Which is a pretty big f---ing deal.


Now the multiplatform games are turning out smoother on PS4.
AAANNNNNDDDDD.........(wait for it)

Cheaper than the competition.


Powerful enough to handle what THE GAMERS want...which is games, not using CPU resources to watch TV.


You didn't get a better driving game either you say....yet everything I say is an opinion?

...and if you wanna go WITH opinion, that is 1 driving game out of many including the mighty Gran Turismo which is coming soon I bet.

"I'm a gamer with a wallet instead of a casual that buys just because." Seriously, WTF does that even mean? Are you saying I didn't use my wallet to buy my WiiU? What about my Xbox One? (well that explains alot)

No. Take your fanboy goggles off, I'll explain this once. Casual gamers are the ones I am talking about. They spend maybe $120 to $300 a year in games. I spend WELL OVER $1000 per year in games (not that I want a cookie...BUT) Us, the hardcore gamers, need to pick and choose their battles. So I will say it again "I DON'T LIKE WHAT MICROSOFT IS DOING WITH THE XBOX SINCE I HAVE TO PICK AND CHOOSE MY BATTLES" As in, I don't have funds to throw mindlessly at games and services but since there are alot of games out there I really want, I need to pick and choose my battles, aka stay away from Microsofts over priced, under res'd units. On top of that, Sony came out with the PS+ IMMEDIATELY giving out free games. Xbox charged for thin air AKA Xbox live. So yes, I'd rather throw my money at some really good games instead of features that should be free to entice system sales (IMHO)

I see that you picked apart my comment to someone else and TRIED to insult me. Nicely done, but just because YOU don't understand my reasoning behind my choices, doesn't make me wrong oh mighty one. You aren't the only one that is a little bit older and has been doing this for a while. Just thought you would have known better by now if you so wise....If it makes ya feel any better, then sorry you bought an xbox "bro"

memots2145d ago

Wow i knew the trolling would be going crazy. I love to see all these expert having an opinion about something they don't even own, or shouldn't be impacting them.

I myself have no issue, I found this update to be pretty good. Far from "disastrous"

andibandit2145d ago


Theres a new trend...we are actually doing:
Negative Driveclub articles....but look what BF4 did.

k3rn3ll2145d ago

Uploading to youtube doesn't have anything to do with a sleep mode bug that has to be unplugged. I'm sorry but don't try to pin this update on cod players. How many months of stability updates have we had now?

morganfell2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )


Sony repairs on a PS3 that is out of warranty have been $130 forever and a day. Not $280. Not unless you threw it out of a window or a moving car.

Or never actually had to send one in...

Death2145d ago


It's awesome that you want me to respect your choices while you insult mine. Keep your pity for me owning an Xbox One and enjoying the games I have for it. I have no regrets buying any of my consoles. All of the opinions you pass off as fact are indeed propaganda. Just because you say it or actually believe it, doesn't make it true.

I'm curious, which lesson did Sony learn when they made Plus required for online multiplayer? What lesson did they learn when funneling what little money they have into renting us games we own with PSNow? How did they not learn how to do updates without taking their servers offline? You make it sound like Sony nails everything. They don't. Just like Microsoft they get some things right and miss out on others. By the way, you get a subscription TV service alternative coming your way since appearantly Sony didn't get the memo about gamers not wanting it.

Good job.

badz1492145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

1 thing went wrong and it's a "complete disaster"!

seriously, share play is a tremendous achievement and it's safe to say Sony is the 1st to do it at this scale but NO...the Rest Mode is not working, so Share Play or not, 2.0 is a disaster! /s

gotta love haters' logic!

sinjonezp2145d ago

Complete exaggeration. However, my ps4 is a launch ps4 and I am having issues. Every time I turn my system off, it blinks with the yellow light and I have to unplug it and reboot which causes the system to render itself unable to back up files. While I enjoy what's included in the update, the issues that I have read about and I have experienced directly, is a cause for concern, but not some complete disaster.

Funantic12145d ago

@aceitman. I never seen any party chat problems on my X1 and I just used it last night. The X1 is great.

ramiuk12145d ago

while most of the time u seem like a total xboner fanboy,i will take the time to respond as i agree with you.

Driveclub issue has been well spread because i know people who got kids ps4 for xmas and set up early so that they could get driveclub ps+ edition and they cant.
The 2.0fw wasnt enough considering xb1 updates so far and i applaud MS for that .
Back to Sonys latest firmware it needs fixing before xmas day because it could give them a huge headache from many angry kids/parents imo and there is also many other issues that are an irritant on ps4.

*trophy pop up(press ps button)dont work
*it took me 17 minutes last night to load ps store.
*auto mute all chat needs to be added(load cod up with loads of peopel swearing(im 33 but dont want to hear it).
*PSN needs a huge upgrade and im pissed off with fellow Sony gamers that say its fine!! IT ISNT!!!

i spend years on xbox live and its way ahead in terms of speed,reliability,smoothness.

WiiUsauce2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

All those disagrees, fanboys in denial LOL xD

BallsEye2145d ago


What's exactly wrong with xbox one chat system? Everything is perfectly fine. No issues and amazing quality. Stop spreading false info.

bouzebbal2145d ago

and i sold my PS5 last year.

awi59512145d ago


Like always morgan you talk out your(*^*(^ and don't know what you are talking about. This happened when the Ps3 was still 600 dollars and that's how much they told me.

PeaSFor2145d ago

lol at the title, nothing but blatant sensationalism.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2145d ago

Disaster how? Only problem was the rest mode bug and that wasn't even an issue with software itself, rather how people installed it. I had the issue and it fixed itself in 2 days. I'm enjoying everything so far.

k2d2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@Death: The entire Sony learned propaganda speech you gave is simply noise.

Just threw any credibility you had out the window by simply dismissing as propaganda. Sure, some of it is subjective, but the specs are fact.

inveni02145d ago

There are problems? I've noticed absolutely zero of those. I heard about Rest Mode issues, but I haven't had them.

morganfell2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

@awi. No. Just no. I had a 60GB I sent in at 14 months because of a power spike. It wasn't $280. Fail remark and a poor attempt to troll.

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dedicatedtogamers2146d ago

Yeah, a bit of a hyperbole.

What's hilarious is that - last gen - the PS3 was called the "updatestation" because it updated with small features every month or two. The 360 had larger updates that were few and far between (maybe 2 times a year).

But of course now that the Xbox One gets small updates every 4-6 weeks the PS4 is lambasted for "lagging behind". Talk about media bias!

gangsta_red2146d ago

The PS3 was called update station because their updates were far too many and were always behind the scenes updates with no noticeable difference to the end user. It was far too much and was annoying when all you wanted to do was turn on the machine and game.

360 updates were large that mainly changed the whole UI plus other main differences that were more than noticeable.

The PS4 is "lagging behind" because the Xbox One is actually fixing a lot of problems their users were complaining about or wanted from day one. Again, noticeable differences unlike PS4 which until now provided hardly any updates with the features their users wanted.

But of course instead of actually thinking about why, it is so much easier to just blame the "media" for bias against Sony. I mean there is so much more the "media" can gain by constantly bashing Sony right? Hey...maybe MS paid the media...we can throw that in there to spice it up.

donthate2145d ago

In addition to what gangsta said, it is important to note that the updates on the Xbox 360 was very small and very quick with often significant upgrades once or twice a year.

Finally, on the Xbox One the updates are actually done in the background while your console is off in standby mode, so you actually never really notice it other than lots of new features.


SmielmaN2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

It was called update station because the Xbox user base on n4g far outnumbered the PS3 owning n4g user base. Now the sides have flipped. It's the same cycle just opposite sides. Deal with it.

Edit: translated, if your flying a Xbox flag your more than 2.5x outnumbered by the PS owners/supporters.

u4one2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

talk about hyperbole. the ps3 updated frequently with invisible updates that didn't seem to do anything except take a long time... a really long time. The Xbox One updates by itself when its not being used. The next time you power it up you know its updated because suddenly you have a bunch of new features and capabilities that it didn't have the last time. If the PS3 had to update, I would literally just let it run and go do something else. If you update the Xbox One manually it literally takes a few minutes. I assume it uses the delta update structure. Not even a comparison between the two, really. And don't call me a an Xbox fanboy because I have been supporting Playstation since the first one. I only came into Xbox last gen. I own both consoles now and get to see them both at their best and their worst. When it comes to updates and network strength, the Xbox just wins. Sorry. The PS4 gets plenty of victories, but network reliability and system software updates are not two of them.

freshslicepizza2145d ago

The ps3 was lambasted for good reason, the update process wasn't the best in the first place and many of those updates didn't offer much in new features. By comparison the xbox360 had significant updates, just not as often and the update process was better.

How many updates has the ps4 gotten that are just security updates? looks like sony is still having multiple system updates just like before only once again not much in the way of any significant new features until now. The xbox one gets monthly updates and most of them so far have been quite significant as far as adding additional features and functions.

looks like microsoft continues to trump sony as far as system updates go, after al they are a software company with windows as their main background. sony still has better hardware so no need to get too excited over the updates but sony should hire better people but the real problem is the way sony works. they are located in japan so the whole process is much slower working with other regions and all the bureaucracy that comes with it.

ZombieKiller2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Well said Dedicated: Personally, I never knew why everyone would throw updates in my face. They never bothered me. I would go make a sandwich (which is what Capcom told us to do when DMC4 was installing if anyone remembers!), or did something else.

Then there was PS+ that got rid of the updates with the auto update feature.

Even now, I think more about what features I might be getting rather than "Oh god, another update"

I guess if that is the case we should all bitch about the updates on our phones, and computers, and tablets and ANYTHING ELSE WITH F----ING SOFTWARE FFS!

Lol no seriously, the xbox updates on the 360 we're definitely faster, but not that ANY of it bothered me in the first place. People are so entitled nowadays.

@Giggman (below) same thing here man and I unplugged it and used it as a lesson learned. No rest mode for you PlayStation 4 least not yet

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MRMagoo1232146d ago

I have not met a person in real life that has had a problem with the update yet, thats around 40 people.

GiggMan2145d ago

I hadn't either until I left my console in rest mode to finish downloading advanced warfare.

When I came home I hit the PS button on the controller and nothing happened. The light bar on the controller came on and the orange light was still glowing on the system. I unpluged the console then plugged it back up. It came on and warned me about unplugging it while in rest mode but didn't make me rebuild the database.

I still wouldn't call that a"disaster" personally. I'll just turn my system completely off until it's safe to use rest mode again.

captainexplosion2145d ago

Pretty much everyone I know has had issues with the update.

SonyStyled2145d ago

I put my ps4 into rest and charged my controller immediatly after the update. when the controller was charged the light on the ps4 was blinking orange (indicating its in rest mode). i pressed the ps button to boot up the system and nothing. so i held down the power button on the ps4 for 10 seconds or whatever and shut it off that way. i dont know why people are unplugging their consoles. thats not safe. holding down the power button to turn the console off safely has been around since launch/early in the ps3 (yes, 3's) life. i wouldnt consider holding down the power button and then turning back on the console a "complete disaster"

garos822145d ago

the only problem i have with update is not being able to connect my youtube account. So i haven't been able to upload videos on youtube yet either.

Other than that it all works fine. Interphase is smoother, faster and more responsive. SharePlay works surprisingly well, Mp3 playback is a joy (seriously this the best part of it all). Themes work great and broadcast options are better.

if this update is a complete disaster give me more disasters!!

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TheWatercooler2145d ago

Absolutely. These articles just can't help themselves. 2 people have a problem then suddenly it's a disaster.

I updated to 2.0 on day of release. No issues at all. My controller is now charging in standby mode

etebitan2145d ago

That is great for you guys.. But lots of us are having issues.. Im a sony fan but i aknowledge there is a problem, actually I updated on day one and after putting my ps4 to rest mode did not play in two days.. When I tried to play my ps4 was overheating and did not turn on.. disconnected it, tried two hours later, rebuild database and then tried to use rest mode twice and happened the same.. Now im turning it off and waiting for a new update before trying rest mode again.. =(

fhizikz2145d ago

I'm having these problems

Maxor2145d ago

I love how the update would randomly crash my PS4.

SilentNegotiator2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Friends list issue in some regions? PSN IS DOWN EVERYWHERE ALL DAY LONG.
A couple of issues with firmware 2.0 for some people? TOTAL DISASTER.

fanboysmackdown2145d ago

2 people hey....I'm having the same issues as others on here. PSN needs fixing bad.

Yetter2145d ago

So two staff writers at CNET and one staff writer at Joystiq have issues with their personal PS4s and you think this only affects a tiny portion of people? If thats true Sony is extremely unlucky.

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FanboyKilla2145d ago

Lmfao every person on n4g ps4 is working fine. Sony dont worry about it, because its only two people who are effected. F them 2 people. Lol

MRMagoo1232145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Just as this article tries to pretend its a "disaster" there may be a few people with problems but I can bet the large majority of owners havent seen a problem yet, I dont have anyone on my friends list that has had a problem so I cant see it being widespread, I do know of 3 that have had the disc eject bug and thats not wide spread so how can this be?

The only way that calling this a disaster would be fair is if it was a large percentage of people with the problem like the rrod, I cant imagine its more than .5% of people with this problem nothing close to 30% plus.

Jaqen_Hghar2145d ago

A man was just gonna say. A small number have had a small glitch and that somehow is gonna overshadow shareplay, themes, new voice commands which make Kinect look ridiculously overpriced (it's better but not 3x better as the price would suggest), and all the little nuances and that's all that went wrong? Sounds pretty good to a man.

Xb1ps42145d ago

Not really... It's just Sony wasn't ready with the online.

Eddie201012145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Douche bag article for other douche bag readers. Xbox Live has never been perfect nor has PSN, they both have had problems with their online service and firmware updates and they both have had problems with online game play with certain games.

The only difference is that PSN gets called out for it more often and Xbox Live gets a pass more often..

As far as firmware updates go I have never had any major disastrous problems with any of them on either console and almost no small problems either.

It is foolish to think that any online service is immune from attack when governments, banks, retailers and many other online services are attacked on a regular basis, it is the chance that we take when using the internet.

Alsybub2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

"The only difference is that PSN gets called out for it more often and Xbox Live gets a pass more often.. "

I really don't think that's the case. Could it be that it happens more often on PS4 and that's why you hear it more often? Unless you own both systems and therefore can have a real view on it rather than conjecture.

Since Xbox is the target of the vast majority of negative press I really don't see why anyone would cut them some slack with just Xbox LIVE. That's ridiculous. Far more people are waiting to rip into Microsoft than Sony.

Eddie201012145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I own both systems, I also own both a PS3 and Xbox 360.

I have a real view on it. At least as real as your view.

As far Xbox getting more negative press, yes more than Xbox 360 but not more than PS4. Most is either blown out of proportion or just not true when it comes to PS4.

kparks2145d ago

Everything works fine for me except the damn messages take 29 min to load its been like that before and after the update says you recived a message then it takes 5 min to load

Grilla2145d ago

It's bgr. Bgr is the definition of click bait. There comment section is even worse, full of trolls.