High-Res Gran Turismo HD Screens

Sony Computer Entertainment today revealed a few more images of the next Gran Turismo on PLAYSTATION: Gran Turismo HD. This is an updated version of Gran Turismo 4, which we already saw on PlayStation 2 some time ago. But this time, everything will look better, as we would expect on a new, much more powerful console.

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eques judicii4436d ago

a "screenshot" cannot be in 1080p resolution... because a screenshot cannot be progressive scanned... it can be 1080X1940 resolution, but the "p" refers to the scanning between frames and thus has no relevance to screenshots....

the term 1080p to to frequently thrown out there with little to no meaning.

THAMMER14436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

Beacause the people throwing it around have no true Idea what ir means in the 1st place. I wonder if this is game play or a CGI cut.

No I do not wonder I know it is not real time game play. Too bad there are people who get hype over a screen shot.

Bhai4436d ago

...I do think Progression or interlacing shows effects upon the image inside the image buffer. For a suitable television, after assessing the existance of compatibility, the 'HD-signal/480p/1080i/1080p' originates from within, the complete re-scanning of the image to be thrown outside, and re-rendition of each line(in the case of progressive) according to the available resolution is done inside the image buffer, and so if we take the image right out of image buffer instead of making a screenshot of it or taking it from the system RAM, it shows on the image taken. GT4 on PS2 had screenshots of 640X480 res, but there were images taken right out of the image buffer as well, and those images all displayed the beautiful 1080i res.

jwatt4436d ago

This is starting to look more like a ps3 game, looks good, looks good!

FordGTGuy4434d ago

that polyphony is known to make phoney screenshots.

DJ4434d ago

Got any proof? (not like you'll find any)

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