Stimulus check spending spree wrote: "Thanks to the mighty and wise U.S. government, anyone who filed a tax return for 2007 is getting a hefty check to, of course, stimulate the economy. Now, we could go into the politics of it all, but that just leads down a bad road. We're all getting some free money, and as gamers it's our right.. nay, our duty to stimulate the economy by growing our game libraries or adding a new console to our entertainment center.

So how do you do your duty and blow $300 or $600 dollars on? Follow the jump to find out.."

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Premonition4739d ago

I wish i had gotten mines, probably would have went to a HDTV or something.

ArtisianDragon4739d ago

I didn't get one and was only 200 away from the margin, I swear that sucks. Probably would have gone toward a better TV.

BrotherNick4738d ago

Heh, I got 300, went to rent though.