El33tOnline Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

By Dawid

We've waited for ages for this game to be released. The PS3 has been slated as the console that gets all the dodgy ports and has not lived up to the hype. The console war has been tough for Sony thus far, but it seems "War Has Changed" – in Snakes words.

If this happens to be Hideo Kojima's last piece of work in the Metal Gear franchise it is indeed a sad day for video games, but it will be a great way to bow out. This game is brilliant and I find it difficult to believe that any game in the near future will be able to touch this brilliance.

The saying, "The most beautiful game in the world" does not reflect to football no more, it's MGS4.

Pros: Perfection.

Cons: Nothing.

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Sk8boyP3765d ago

1080p - Check
Top notch graphics - Check
Amazing Animation - Check
Flawless storytelling - Check
Thinning the line between movies and games - Check
Redefining stealth action - Check

Yup, I'd say this game is pretty damn good ;)