Battlefield: Bad Company: Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 Video

VideoGamer.com has put together a video comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of EA DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company.

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Capt CHAOS5572d ago

The contract seemed higher on the 360 but that's prob just down to some settings. Good port.

Love the way the physics work on both.. Especially the tree splitting..

Britjadg5572d ago

yeah tree split looks good. looks impressive on both, dunno whats going on with ps3 version though, summit dont look right with colour. probably just way its filmed / tv is configured.

what does it matter? pick up the game for whatever console you have.

Domenikos5572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

Ill get the PS3 version cause the best part of BF games is online.

And PSN is free (and thats an advantage for ME, i dont want to start a fanboi war)

kewlkat0075572d ago

I didn't think there would be any doubt about your statement..

RudeSole Devil5572d ago

Dowloaded both demos and compared side by side and the 360 version is better. Heres what I found if you plan on buying this game.
1. All the textures are identical, but the PS3 version has no normal mapping on all textures example ( http://www.driverheaven.net...

2. When I shot down a tree the reaming stump on 360 version had shredded pieces of wood, PS3 version has the texture but the alpha was missing (need to see for you self).

3. Missing props, on top of the hill where all the smoke and fire is, the fire on the PS3 version is comming right out of the ground, 360 has something there I'm not really sure what its is but the fire is not comming right out of the ground.

4. EA is a POS publisher and developer and things listed above are not limitation of PS3 just lazy porting.

boodybandit5572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

where are the articles about how broken the connections issues are? When is Dice and EA going to get on it? It will work flawless for a few hours and then BLAM you get booted from the game and can't connect for hours.

It works. Then it doesn't. Then you can connect, get booted (after a few minutes), connect, get booted, connects, get booted, runs fine four hours, rinse and repeat. WTF!

I want to play this game online! The odd thing is it seems to happen more during the day. You would think the problem would be worse at night when everyone is off work.

Real Gambler5572d ago

I really, really wish they would do video comparaison like those, but saying A and B (for about 2 days) instead of 360 and PS3.

Instead of seeing fanboish comment like: Version A look WAY MUCH BETTER or Version B as way more leaves in the 4th tree on the left, we would finally get comments like: Wow, both version look almost identical. No fanboy would take a chance to pick one version over the other. Then, 2 days later, those guys could say which console was A and which console was B. Only a fanboy, looking at this video, would say one version is WAY MUCH BETTER than the other.

Personally, I don't care if one tree has more leaves or not, or if one explosion has to more sparks. While playing, I don't have the time to count leaves. Both game look very, very good. Keep bringing them on.

P.S.: There's one more peeble on the ground, around 1 minute 37 seconds and 12 hundred of a second, but you have to freeze frame to see it. ENJOY! Me, I'll be playing the game!

prunchess5572d ago

Both versions look like sh!t compared to MGS4.

power of Green 5572d ago

If you can't see that the 360 version is superior in more ways than one you're lieing to yourself. Even some of the effects and objects are missing in the PS3 version.

romemac75572d ago

how this gamer site when doing video comparing they always seen to turn off the PS3 RGB FULL RANGE(HDMI). i have both the PS3 and the 360, just got a 360 to play lost odyssey lol and have play both demo. believe you me both game looks and play the same, only different is my ps3 has RGB FULL RANGE so both looks the same.

@power of green: every game is going to look better for you on the 360 bro, let face it you a 360 fanboy. i read almost all you comments here on N4G and all you ever talk about is how the 360 better, how the 360 more power, how the 360 this and that, etc...its hard to imagine you every saying anything good about the PS3 ever. after being here on N4G so long and reading you comments they have become boring and repetitive to the point that they sound like advertisements for the 360, just how much is Microsoft paying for?

C_SoL5572d ago

Also, super white is not turned on......

KimboSlice5572d ago

This website seems to be full of fearfull sony loyals that are always logged in and ready to make the first "spin" posts in every news piece that makes the PS3 look bad but the thruth is that: THE XBOX 360 VERSION LOOKS BETTER THAN THE PS3 VERSION.

dantesparda5572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

Let's not exaggerate, they look almost exactly the same, however, i do have to say, that the 360 version does look a little bit better overall, but we are talking just slightly better. The main thing that the 360 version has over the PS3 version is less screen tearing than the PS3 version and better textures (especially the ground textures), otherwise they look basically the same. And why do all PS3 games always look so washed out on these comparison videos? the same is not true in real life on your tv.

chasuk085572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

I still dont understand why we are doing frame by frame comparisons of ps3 and 360 versions of games to look at minimal brightness and contrast settings and then claim that one is better than the other due to a slight increase. Dont you all think its kind of sad ?

They are the same game regardless of what platform its on, and any increase/decrease in brightness shouldnt be a reason not to buy it, and if it is your a joke.

Just buy the game and enjoy it. All these videos do is attract viewers to their site and get alot of gamers arguing over "which platform is better"

Moto135572d ago

I own both consoles. The 360 always has better colors and rougher edges. The PS3 has smoother edges and washed out colors. I prefer the 360 version. Also the 360 tends to have better textures.

Willio5572d ago

Xbox is superior in softlocks and hardlocks.

Pnuts5572d ago

except that thay havent changed the colour and contrast on the ps3 version.

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ice_prophecy5572d ago

I wonder if they even attempt at configuring the TV.... T_T

Mr Marbles5572d ago

if they didn't configure the TV, that means they didn't configure it for the 360 either, so now what is your excuse? Games look better on 360, why is that so hard to beleive, why do people literally make excuses for an inferior product? If graphics are so important to you, then just buy as 360. PS3 exclusives still look great, so whats the big deal?

Ssxtreme365572d ago

GT has a comparison of the game and its the exact opposite of whats shown here...check it out


i wonder which comparison is true?

dcbronco5572d ago

But you're right that the PS3 version looks much better than it does in the demo on this site. It does seem with adjustments to the TV the PS3 can look as good, but if you have to make adjustments for each game or for gaming and then for when you go back to TV, that's a pain.

ice_prophecy5572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

No need to get so worked up hahaha.

@2.2 Well thats what my comment was based on.

@2.1 Why are you getting so defensive? Its not like im eating your children. I merely asked a question in form of a question, take it as rhetoric if you must.

Proxy5572d ago

Is it a matter of adjusting your TV every time you switch games? Or just a matter of taking 10 seconds to turn full RGB on and be done with it, forever?

ice_prophecy5572d ago


in form of a comment, that is.

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Sez 5572d ago

i going to get the 360 version. just looks better IMO

GiantEnemyCrab5572d ago

haha I guess 21 people don't believe you have an opinion.

Variable5572d ago

No dumbass, 21 people disagree with his opinion... what's wrong about that? -.-