1UP Review: Alone in the Dark

Reviewed by Nick Suttner, he writes:

"It's hard to feel truly alone with such deliberate design decisions nipping at your heels every step of the way. Atari's Alone in the Dark is so busy being experimental -- giving players the tools and rules to solve problems on their own -- that it neglects the alluring experientialism of earlier titles in the series, which set a tone and pace that sparked the survival-horror genre off years before Resident Evil hit the scene. Still, this new Alone in the Dark has enough variety, creativity, and downright commendable ambition that its myriad structural and mechanical misgivings are mostly forgivable. "

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Silogon4747d ago

Ign hates it & 1up things it's pretty damn good.

My mind wonders!!!

Excalibur4747d ago

I started playing the game last night and I agree with it 100%

bigmouth4747d ago

i agree with there review, ign was to harsh on the game giving it a 3.5

iistuii4747d ago

it for 1/2 hour and hated it. Mixed reviews, may give it another go but it was just so annoying

Doppy4747d ago

Well guess I'll have to use my averaging system on this game.

3.5 IGN (Honest)
8.0 Game Informer (Honest)
?.? 1up (Usually honest)
?.? Gamespot (Cancel's the bonus point for overhyping a game on PS3)

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