TeamXbox Review: Alone in the Dark

Reviewed by Tom 'Tomelet' Price, he writes:

Not to be overly reductive, but every video game can be reduced to two basic elements: presentation and gameplay. Presentation includes everything from graphics and sound down to the interface and save system. Gameplay is just that – the way the game plays. Reducing Alone in the Dark down to these two elements makes it easier to define the game. Presentation-wise it's not bad, with some good music, a story that was given careful attention and an overall atmosphere befitting a survival horror game. But the gameplay? Oh boy.

Gameplay - 2.0
Just, just. Sigh. Tragically misguided.

Graphics - 6.0
Some stuff looks good, like fire, but characters look waxy and plastic.

Audio - 6.2
I actually kind of dug the music.

Longevity - 5.0
If you can finish the game, that's as long as you have to deal with it.

Innovation - 5.0
They tried, that's for sure, but to varying degrees of success.

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