Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team assaulted after tournament victory

At this year’s Electronic Sports World Cup, Reason Gaming’s all-female CS:GO team won the tournament’s French qualifier, beating out another team of female CS:GO’ers, Imaginary Gaming, subsequently earning them spot in the event’s main tournament.

However, the team received much more than what they had bargained for when members and associates of Imaginary Gaming – the defeated team – allegedly assaulted the women of Reason Gaming.

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Hendrickson3492d ago

Crazy stuff, they couldn't handle loosing to some woman!

DesertFoxJr3492d ago

Haha, well the assailants were all female as well. Regardless, not acceptable in any form or fashion.

maximus19853492d ago

yes CRAZY how women couldnt handle losing to OTHER women...crazy stuff

FragMnTagM3492d ago

Apparently Hendrickson cannot read.

MRMagoo1233491d ago

Or spell losing correctly

joab7773492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

At the end of the article he asks, do u think winning a CS:GO match warrants this kind of attack?

Why yes, yes I do. Wtf! Seriously of course not.

And their own manager said in a statement that they got off lightly, like they deserved it. This is weird all around.

MRMagoo1233491d ago

Maybe they where hoping for a cat fight or a pillow fight in panties, I mean its a room full of gamers lol. I have seen a lot of people online that seem to think every fight involving girls turns into a strip.

HammadTheBeast3492d ago


At least read the first couple of sentences of the articles.

3492d ago
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Majin-vegeta3492d ago

All-female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team assaulted after tournament victory by other females.

Their fixed the title.

-Foxtrot3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Despite true it's not going to matter, the media will hear what they want to hear

Now to wait for someone to "link" the attack to GamerGate ¬¬

Blacktric3492d ago

"Kotaku Exclusive: The attackers that lost the match were all #GamerGate supporters with internalized muh-soggy-knee. More at 11..."

Written by Patricia Hernandez of course.

CocoWolfie3492d ago

"only bumps and bruises" too :) but still i was worried, silly title >.<

TekoIie3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

A far better title would be this:

"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team assaulted after tournament victory"

coolbeans3492d ago

I appreciate both suggestions and I decided to go with this one atm.

-Cancels out the whole inflated gender part

-The description below gives the female team v. female team info already

-I'm not a particular fan of long titles when unnecessary

Agree/Disagree? Let me know if you think that was enough tweaking.

joab7773492d ago

It's better, especially in this climate, to forget a good title, and layer simply need to update it b/c so few ppl actually read them. Though in this case, it was still kinda vague.

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Cy3492d ago

*sigh* What a terrible, misleading title.

Spotie3492d ago

Sadly, the site doesn't care. Clickbait is nothing, just a part of the business.

Which is a really crappy practice.