Gamernode: Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Gamernode writes: "I didn't really care for early builds or releases of Bad Company. In fact, I was so uninterested in the game after initially trying it out that when it came time to finally put GamerNode's beta impressions down in a preview, I wasn't opposed to letting Eddie take care of it. (He loved it, by the way.) Even after Eddie's favorsome words for the game, I still considered it just another FPS clone which would inexplicably win game of the year awards despite not even being the best game in its genre.

How wrong I was.

Not only is Bad Company not an FPS clone, but it goes above and beyond what most FPSes are told- and expected-to do. In their first console attempt, DICE throws in the usual single-player narrative, and in doing so showcases a side of their team rarely seen in videogame form. The gameplay, engines, physics? Everyone knows they can pull that off. Subtle humor, outright laugh out loud moments, excitement, satire, and a well-crafted plot built around characterization? I bet most of you PC fans didn't see that one coming."

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Silogon4735d ago

I got it yesterday out of desperation for something to play while I waited for Civ rev to drop. It's alright, it's a little buggy and graphics aren't all that. It's pretty short from what I gather cause I'm sitting 68% out I believe right now.

I'd give it an 8.0, but it's also the best FPS I've played all year long too, though. COD4 was good, Resistance was good, Bioshock was great, this is good. So, FPS ya know. You never really get an amazing one, just more of the same with a bit of tweaking here and there.

xg-ei8ht4735d ago

Not a bad score.

I've only played the demo and it was alot of fun.

At least they've added damage, and these type of games need it, keeps things fresh and different everytime.

8.5/9 i would have given from playing the demo.

gazo694735d ago

I love this game its so different and fresh the way you can blow a wall down to get to the other side of it i love it absolutly love it.