PS3 Worst Reviewed Launch Ever?

From "We all got excited when the PS3s finally arrived. But that initial high wore off in shockingly short order. As talk circulated around the office from everyone playing the games for reviews it became clear that beyond Resistance, the launch lineup dropped off pretty sharply. It didn't take long for the gut feeling to develop that PS3 might just have the worst reviewed set of launch games in modern videogame history."

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testerg354436d ago

Don't tell the Sony fans that the 360 launch titles were better rated than the PS3s. They'll accuse you of making up this story or that 1up was paid by MS. Shhhhhhhhh....

TheMART4436d ago

Hahaha it's getting really funny

360 had 18 games @ launch, PS3 has 9

What were you saying again Fony Fanboys?

360 had an average score of over 77
PS3 has an average score of just 70

PS3 has the worst average score of games ever.
Nice guys, nice

Ugly American4436d ago

Mart, please reread the article(with a little bit more of an unbiased eye):
The ORIGINAL Playstation wsa dubbed the big loser of launches(and it turned out horribly, huh?).

And the PS3 is reported to have launched with 13 games.

With the Wii having the worst "Next-Gen Launch" and the 360 having the best. But even that being said, you are seeing a lot of articles that suggest the Wii is more fun to play, and the PS3 is more frustrating... what does a good or bad launch REALLY mean besides bad press? And why do we as gamers care about bad press?

I used to be a big fan of yours, Mart, but the fanboy fanaticism has risen to new heights since the PS3 actually came out. I need you to calm down a little bit and realize that the Playstation 3 sucking or not sucking will not change your life or alter your 360 gaming.

I love my 360, and I like my movies on my PS3, but the rise or fall of one is not going to affect the other in my eyes(and unless it is a fall like the Dreamcast which really sucked).

Islandkiwi4436d ago

I think we can all agree that the PS3 launch has been a disappointment. Extremely limited number of consoles, lackluster games...and it can't be said Sony didn't have time to prepare for this.

As for the Wii, there appears to be a few good games (Zelda, Trauma Center), but the Wii gets a little more slack for not being overly hyped.

As for the 360's launch, there's still games I play from it. I liked Kameo, PGR3 was a good racer, COD2 I feel is better than COD3. PDZ was okay, but not great. Needed another 6 months of polish. There were bad games too, basically Xbox ports.

But I'm disappointed with Sony. Maybe in a year that will fade, but this launch has not changed my opinion of the PS3...that it was designed as a blu-ray player first, game console second.

Boink4436d ago

"that it was designed as a blu-ray player first, game console second."

I couldn't agree more.

power of Green 4435d ago

Sony forgot to fill up the tank before the road trip. A Future proof HD console that leave's many" fans out in the cold.

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