Is Nintendo Producing a New Console?

GamerBolt: "The word on the street is that Nintendo is actually working on a new console. Moreover, this isn’t going to be some mere throwback or another handheld, but an actual, fully-fledged Next Generation machine."

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Metallox1473d ago

To all these writers that want to see a new home console in 2015; yes, Nintendo is effectively producing new pieces of hardware, but you easily won't see the first one until 2016, most probably the handheld.

Concertoine1473d ago

I think the success of the New 3ds determines when a new handheld comes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1472d ago

It already the highest sellung launch revision Nintendo done

frezhblunts1472d ago

Well no, Nintendo always start their next console after releasing one. The console will be for next gen so we will be waiting quite a bit

N4g_null1472d ago

If anything it is a new tablet controller to replace the gamepad and act as player2 for the new 3ds. They do have to make a new system for China remember! ?

The current game pad does have a possible upgrade path. The place where the battery is is mighty empty!

3-4-51472d ago

* Nintendo IS ALWAYS producing a new console.

If you don't know, Literally the day after they release a console or handheld they go to work on improving it or start work on the next one.

It's been that way since NES.

Please learn facts.

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oODEADPOOLOo1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I wish they would make a console version of pokemon already with updated graphics. There alot of potential in a fully realized console world. I'm not even a nintendo fan, but I would seriously consider if they have something like that.

joab7771472d ago

Make a new Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, Monster Hunter? Or make console versions of many of the successful handheld rpgs? That's crazy talk!!

breakpad1472d ago

NO monster hunter would not come back Sony 's turn to release a MonHun (..fortunately Capcom hold all the rights and dint let any exclusive publish rights and BS to Nintendo ..its time for the series to come back where it belongs

frezhblunts1472d ago

gamepard shut up, you know monster hunter belongs on the nintendo systems and that is why it has been successful on it too! So sorry!

meatysausage1472d ago

Sounds silly but pokemon means pocket monsters. I dont think well ever see a proper pokemon game like the handheld one on consoles. Theres been a few variations like XD but the japanese are pretty strict about there traditions

ironfist921472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I would love there to be a Pokemon MMO for WiiU, which is fully cross compatible with handheld devices. Best of both worlds imo.

Play the standard game on 3DS, then bring it home, connect it to your WiiU, then play from their as the same character with the same pokemon and stats/game save, but in a world filled with other gamers, and better graphics/gameplay.

Nintendo already milk Pokemon by releasing 2 versions at a time, whats a 3rd, full console release gonna make a difference?

Bluebird81472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Nt one single referance to support his claim and thearticle is full of unfounded speculation. Not worth the read..

KaladinStormblessed1472d ago

Of course they are, so are Sony and Microsoft. They always start making consoles years in advance. There's nothing new here.

joab7771472d ago

Here's an idea. Obviously, I don't know numbers so it may not be feasible but it's an idea nonetheless. And the one I wanted them to make initially.

Nintendo has the advantage of seeing how this gen had begun and what's important. Make a new console to run side by side with the wiiU...kinda like their handhelds. Bit this is the meaner, big brother version. It is solely a beast of a machine. No gimmicks, nothing cute, just raw mother-trucking power.

Simultaneously, hire some company to make a new fps IP...fully fleshed and amazing. Make sure all 3rd party companies are on board. And price it at $400. MS and Sony can't upgrade their consoles now, and Nintendo can make a more powerful machine than both. Get the jump while this gen is young. Become the new king.

Online is very important, but it doesn't need all the bells and whistles off the bat, simply workable. Let the raw power stand on its own.

DC7771472d ago

I've thought of a "Super Wii U" as well. Say for the "hardcore" or whatever but I doubt they will do it due to the silly generational "rules" these companies seem to have adopted.

Personally I see solid Nintendo ip releases over the next 2 years (the usual suspects) then we are done with Wii U.

nitus101472d ago

I sort of agree with you on this. However bringing out a new console one or two years after the the PS4 and XB1 is IMHO a gamble. This is because the WiiU was first introduced in Nov 2012 and being superseded after only three years will not sit well with Nintendo console owners.

One way to reduce the gamble is to make the new console backwards compatible like they did with the WiiU and in this way people who have purchased software for the Wii, WiiU and I think Gamecube will have a machine that will play and possibly enhance all their older software.

Dubaman1472d ago

It's a nonsense article of course; everyone one of the console manufacturers are working on their next systems by now.

However, it does allow me to share an idea i've had about the evolution of the home console.
Obviously, when you buy a console it is what it is and except for software updates and the odd "Slim" version, the actual tangible hardware it's self remains the same throughout it's lifetime. In the past there were add-ons like the 32X, 64DD, N64 RAM Expansion, which were intended to use the base console it's self and then give more features and a little more 'umpf', or increase/improve current features in a game, e.g. N64 RAM improving FPS.
No matter what you add or attach to it though, the actual console hardware it's self is still the same as it was when it was released all those years ago. It needs to be replaced and then when it is, the hardware will remain the same throughout the rest of it's life. This has it's benefits of course as developers have a foundation from which to build their games, while also imposing limits on the technical capabilities of those games. It lays a level playing field and everyone knows what they have to work with. That's why consoles are so popular in the first place, they're just so convenient.

Obviously on the other side of the coin you have PC which you can upgrade and customise to the outer reaches of your wallet. This isn't very everyone though and it creates a an uneven playing field when it comes to developing for games. More variety and technical prowess - definitely, but more is only better when you are aware of what it all means. Not everyone out there who plays games knows what the difference is between AMD and Intel.

Dubaman1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Let's say that the next console to be released is like a blend of them both, from the old era's of gaming and thinking of new ways to keep consoles relevant in a time where technology is ever increasing. What about a modular component console?
For example, let's say the next console is about the same size and shape as the XboxOne, mainly because it's a medium - largish size and its shape is easily visualised. It looks just like a console from the outside - plastic case, disc drive, power button, usual stuff. Inside however, all the components - CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM and the boards themselves are all there own separate add-ons.
This article was very much the inspiration for all this:

Instead of buying a new console every generation, all you have to do is buy a new CPU add-on, GPU add-on or even a new disc drive for when whatever over takes BluRay is released. Hell, If you want you could even install extra RAM from day one and get extra stability of the games and the system. Console's are made up of customised and modified PC tech and made to be small and efficient. If all Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft have to do is release a couple new 'modules' every couple of years when technology permits it, it makes gaming a lot cheaper and accessible to everyone. Putting a single component into it's own 'module' is easier, cheaper and faster than building and assembling an entire console from scratch. Plus, it still creates a level playing field for developers to work with so as many people as possible get a chance to play the games without system limitations being a problem. The more games that are out there, the more money the console manufacturers make, the more money which then gets put into developing the games we want to play.

There's obviously a lot more to it than this but i really think that's where console gaming will be heading in the future. Small, cheaper upgrades as technology moves forward. With the speed it is moving at it won't be long before the power of a PS4 will be in your back pocket. Power of course has nothing to do with determining how successful a console will be but it makes it easier for consoles as a whole, to stay relevant.

*edit*- Holy balls of Zeus! That went on for a while. Sorry dude!

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1472d ago

They should get a throwback named system in Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System, everybody would call it Ultra Nintendo, that'd be great.

N4g_null1472d ago

If they can find a system archect that can get the engineering know how to up scale current and possibly wii games and combine 3ds new 3ds , ds, wii, wiiu, possible game pad only games with android support from Google, and super wiiu or snes2 games.

Unity3d 5 is promising most of that possibility but nintendo will need a gpu library of chips they can sawp out and gpgpu family api where different code paths are supported. Pretty much like the apple amd android platform.

So nintendo only needs a 3rd platform possibly called fusion. This could co exsist with the new 3ds and wii - wiiu but at as a platform that unites and offers more power on one end or very cheap hardware on the other end just like phones.

Tie this all to an account system where your games can exsist or be played on any of these platforms and you have a winner.

Then we also have the QOL stuff that could use low end fusion gear.

This companion platform could be used to upgrade when ever they are ready or test future markets. I mean technically nintendo could release a hybrid android/steam/wiiu box and have everything they need to beat the other two with.

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