In the Wii-PS3 Playoff, Nintendo Upsets Sony on the Fun Factor - "There was a showdown between the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3 at The Post's game testing lab last weekend.

Here's how it went down: I invited a bunch of my friends, five guys and three gals, over to check out the new systems. Few of them play or care about video games, but they were all curious to see the PlayStation 3, the cutting-edge game console that sparked real-world mayhem on its release Friday.."

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4342d ago

When my controller works right I don't how this is possible. The Wii-k is a joke!

ChickeyCantor4342d ago

looking at your nickname just tells me that you dont have a brain but a Cell processor.......and now you are trying to be smart and try to be serious ...

PS360WII4342d ago

who are bad mouthing the Wii just haven't played it. I had a whole lot of diehard videogamers over for this past 4 day weekend and all of them are going crazy over the Wii. Yes they have the 360 as do I but I tell you once you start playing Wii Sports or any of them you start saying Gears of What?

MicroGamer4342d ago

but playing a last gen system with a new controller doesn't do it for me. I'll probably end up getting one for exclusives as a secondary system, but I'm just not in a rush to have one right now.

ChickeyCantor4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

but have you played on it?
you are not really saying you did. first try it and give it a fair chance, dont worry no one will laugh at you :P

commadore654342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

Personally I am really looking forward to playing it with my mates. We all still have loads of fun playing Wario ware and Double dash now.

Zelda is also a must for me and hopefully the first game i'll play when i get it.