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Amazon Drops Price on PS4 & Xbox One, Pricing Parity in Play

"Amazon UK has once again dropped the prices of the latest home consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, reducing both to a more than reasonable price."

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Community1543d ago
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DanielGearSolid1543d ago

Definitely has to be Sony giving them some kind of incentive to price match

ramiuk11543d ago

it seems Sony is handing out free hammer and nails to sellers,but i dont see why they need too.

a few places in uk have had xbox one bundle for £349 with fifa 15,minecraft,sunset overdrive.

and another had xb1 white console sunset overdrive ass creed unity and black flag for £349.

stupidly cheap prices imo.

As a gamer though i really want MS to come back stronger because only gamers benefit.

UltimateMaster1542d ago

What!? Price drops on consoles, during the Holidays?!
I'm Shocked! I'm sure no one else saw that coming. /s

inveni01542d ago

Price drop parity is more than welcome.

TheWatercooler1543d ago

We just can't seem to avoid parity :).

Really no retailer should be dropping the price of the PS4. The PS4 is a premium product and worth it's price

HammadTheBeast1542d ago


Never did I see the day coming when people don't want cheaper prices.


How is lower prices for consumers a bad thing?

illAmpRefugee1542d ago

say you? how is cheaper a bad thing? ur comment is unessecary

ShadowWolf7121542d ago

It's called competition.

Competition is nothing but good for the consumer, so long as it's genuine competition and not underhanded tactics.

neomahi1542d ago

Well, a powerful machine for less is always a good thing. I've been telling myself that I need to get an Xbox One already so I can play Sunset Overdrive but, then I thought... Why would Insomniac Games make such a big fuss over retaining their IP and come out lying hypocrites in the end? It's integrity, right? So, I concluded that Insomniac signed a non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from making any sort of mention of timed exclusivity and to try and maximize profits on Xbox One so "consumers don't feel second best". The fact of the matter is, gamers have more power than developers do, and if devs want to reach the broadest market possible to have as many play their games as possible, then gamers vote with their wallet. Why should I buy a console for one game? If I decide to wait, and hold my money, and the masses do too, then return on investment is poor and devs are forced to go where the money is, not gamers where the game is. And it already appears consumers have chosen so, I'm not going to have to buy an Xbox One, and won't be buying one for a couple years or more anyway. Once the smoke has cleared from the fireworks, Sunset Overdrive will come to PS4 in 1080p and 60fps next year easily. It took that long for Ryse and Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising to be available on PC. So, our patience will be rewarded. Vote with your wallets people, and we might even see it on Wii U if this really is all about them maintaining the IP.

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badz1491543d ago

this is the kind of parity that everybody can be happy about

LOL_WUT1543d ago

And whats best of all is that they are region free ;)

Sgt_Slaughter1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

^How the hell you managed to take another shot at Nintendo out of pure randomness, in an article about prices for Xbox One and PS4, I don't know.

1543d ago
Gaming247allday1543d ago

i thought Sony was dropping price by $50 in the UK for a short time? no?

Eonjay1543d ago

Yes, the price is 329 for Halloween Weekend. This is a sale and Amazon wouldn't be left out of it.

nosferatuzodd1543d ago

Thats it don't give the enemy a chance
I wish the enemy to be elimated quickly abd without mercy just kidding lol

MrChicagoWind1543d ago

We can all agree, the war is good for business. Both systems have awesome exclusives. This gen. it might really be best to own both.... Hell I'll prob. have a X1 by 2016. I just hope these systems can pump 6+ years of quality games.

pabi271543d ago

War is on from both the sides, both trying to fascinate the customers.... Sony is far ahead than xbox.... Cool deals

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