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CVG exclusive: Firmware 2.4's XMB features revealed

"Speaking under strict conditions of anonymity, a source has told CVG that Firmware 2.4 is expected to launch in around three weeks' time. We've also scooped the following list of XMB features that you'll be able to access in-game."


The story's been updated to include details on Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies.

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predator4834d ago

you are easly amazed then...this should of all be straight out the box

oh well beter late then never

LJWooly4834d ago

While I agree with predator that you are indeed easily amazed, I also think that, seeing as the PS3 was more of a feture-rich console than the 360 to start off with, this is only going to elevate it further.

Although, I wasn't really anticipating this anyway. It's just an update. People seem to be looking forward to this to a rather unheathy extent, more than they would an actual videogame, which is weird.

Condoleezza Rice4834d ago

I'm easily amazed but only so by Excellence and above average Services and or Products;In this case,at how one company can continue to grow and enhance it's Online Network at a fantastic rate,whilst at the same time,delivering features that the gamers and supporters of the gaming platform,would openly welcome with open arms.

At the end of the day,I suppose I'm just really excited that the Playstation Network will be the definitive Console Gaming Network after this Firmware update.Nothing wrong with being excited,is there?

predator4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

what a load of rubbish...if you believe that then thats you

LJWooly4834d ago

While you're might be expecting a wee bit too much (in my opinion) I suppose there is nothing wrong with being optimistic.

And predator, it's not "balls", it's a matter of opinion.

gnothe14834d ago

if your amazed by what Sony is just now trying to offer, just imagine how you would feel with a 360 having ALL those features an a few more years ago!!

LJWooly4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Gnothe, I don't think Rice is talking exclusively about in-game messaging and music, but rather the PlayStation, and PSN, as a whole. Rice isn't stupid, and is most likely fully aware of the features to be found on the Xbox 360.

butterfinger4834d ago

I would say that we are all fully aware of those features on the XBOX 360 thanks to the constant trolling and fanboyism that is N4G. It's sad when someone isn't allowed to be happy with something that is coming out for once. Let's all complain some more:)

IdleLeeSiuLung4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

What people don't realize with this update is PS3 is still far behind Xbox Live! It is the developer API and such that make supporting all these features into the games. These features are standard to all games, while Sony's update is very much like their rumble support, new games will support it, but older games not.

Sony's entry into the current generation has been a failure in terms of being thought out.

I own a PS3 and hope that Sony will really catch up soon though and I think firmware 2.4 is a big step in the right direction.

Skip_Bayless4834d ago

After the update still far behind? PSN will be roughly 90% of XBL matching feature to feature. There aren't many things missing on the PSN after the 2.4 update. And XBL is $50 a year for that 10% more and it doesn't beat every thing on PSN because there are things on PSN that XBL doesn't have either.

LJWooly4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

I'm afraid out of all three current-gen offerings, IdleLeeSiuLung, the PS3 would happen to be the only well thought-out console, in comparison to the 360, and the Wii. Just saying.

Since I already look like I'm kissing Sony's arse for some reason, I might as well add that PSN games, while drastically fewer in number than XBLA games, are far more original, creative, and of course, fun.

predator4834d ago

lj what are you talking about..the only well thought out? what cos it has blu ray? well thought out multimeadia console yes..well thought out gaming console no

Euphrate4834d ago

In the end, they'd have to make it free.

LJWooly4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

I only said it was the most well thought-out in comparison to the other two consoles, the 360 and the Wii, which is just about true, with the 360 perhaps being the least thought-out of the three. But, from a Microsoft product, it's to be expected. A shame though, because the original Xbox was actually a far better product. Microsoft rushed the 360, and even tried to get it manufactured as cheaply as possible, which is why, from a strictly hardware standpoint, it is... well, rubbish.

You know what I mean, you own one, and you can't deny that the thing just screams "low build quality".

Bolts4834d ago

This is amazing? I'm sorry, no, its not. Its more of a, "'bout god damn time" kinda thing.

predator4834d ago

i own all three and from a gaming perspective its the better out of three, you buy a console for games and thats exactly what the 360 does and Live is better two..and who cares about paying for it..get a job i say..i like the 360 more as i dont have to wait for simple things to be done..come on nearly 2 years and we are finaly getting what the 360 had from the get go

Condoleezza Rice4834d ago

"just imagine how you would feel with a 360 having ALL those features an a few more years ago!!"

LJWooly4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

I'm not saying the 360 isn't the better of the three, that's opinion. What I was saying is that, on Microsoft's part, it's poorly built, poorly thought-out, and is of a build quality that should, nowadays, be unnaceptable. Also, I think that charging people to play games online is a bit of a pisstake.

But, if you don't care about that stuff, and don't mind paying for Live, then fine, like I said, whether it's the best or not is simply a matter of opinion. I wasn't talking about that, though.

Also, the things the PS3 is getting now that the 360 already had, two features, in-game music and in-game messaging, aren't really that significant when you compare to the upsides of hardware reliability, free online, larger (and mandatory) storage capacity, HDMI, Blu-Ray...

Skip_Bayless4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

PS3 and 360 both are well thought out. You guys stay on topic please.
PS3 hardware is great, online is what you ask for coming from PS2 because you gotta start somewhere, and games SCE had a lot of 1st party games that came out.

The only system that wasn't well thought out was the Wii. Nintedo just got extremely lucky and even they thought the system wouldn't sell well. Nintendo has the poorest online, the controller isn't very reliable, the system power is weak, and there's a drought of quality games.

LJWooly4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

The thing with Microsoft is that they know where the industry is, but have little to no clue as to where it's going. With every single product they release, they always end up with egg on their faces upon realising silly mistakes, or having to make later revisions and improvements to said product.

This is the first time I've ever used this many bubbles :D

butterfinger4834d ago

"you buy a console for games and thats exactly what the 360 does"

Not everyone buys a console just for games. As any 360 fanboy will tell you, the PS3 is also widely bought as a blu ray player. Sony has to try to provide the best experience for the different types of consumers that purchase their PS3. Your statement is partially correct though, because the 360 does have games, and that's about it. I'd prefer blu ray over any video on XBOX Live right now being upscaled. I enjoy having my PS3 as a multimedia device, not just a gaming console. Sony and the Playstation brand have always been known for that.

QuackPot4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

@Predator & gnothe1

You pathetic tools. Your comments add nothing to this zone except to slag off others and the Ps3. Stick to the 360 zone you pathetic trolls.

BTW: Microsoft has had at least a decade more experience than Sony on running gaming networks with Windows/PC games. The core of 360 owners are hardcore gamers and usually have a PC gaming background. Yes - bright sparks - XBL will have alot of features to cater for that gamer base .... or else some 360 fanboys would be rather pi55ed.

The typical Playstation fanbase are not hardcore gamers - just compare the sales of multis between the two consoles. Like it or not, Ps3 owners would mainly be casual gamers.

Sony didn't need to provide all the bells and whistles that the hardcore gamers would have demanded with the 360. Instead Sony provided the basic FREE service so the typical gamer could easily start playing & shopping online without any problems.

Yes, it would have been good that Sony copied everything XBL did from square one but this would likely have meant more delay on the release of the Ps3. Also, Sony intends to Ps3 to be more than just a gaming console - an entertainment center.

And those extra features that XBL offer only make a difference to a potential buyer who knows AND cares about them. There will be many Ps3 owners who don't have an xbox 360 and don't know about them....and likely don't care. Because they are getting what they wanted when they bought their machine.

And anything new or extra brought to the ps3 after purchase is icing on the cake.

Damn, I can't wait for the Ps3 to finally shove the 360 into 3rd place to finally show the ignorant fanboys they backed the wrong horse. Maybe, that'll get rid of them once and for all. I doubt it. The Ps3 section will continue to get visits from Predator & gnothe1 & Co.




I've been on this site for over a year and know trolls a mile away - even the very subtle jibes as aboove. Predator & gnothel added absolutely nothing positive or constructive to the news or comments made. Instead, all they did was put down and criticize. This is usually normal for them. I have both consoles and favour the ps3 more than my 360 by a country mile and I totally dispise Microsoft. But I never troll the 360 section to find something negative to say about the 360 or Microsoft. Pathetic ignorant fanboys are pathetic ignorant fanboys and that's fact and needs to be said.

They are also the ones who love doing phantom disagrees and take away bubbles just like what just happened. C'mon. show some balls and identify yourselves. Again, pathetic.

LJWooly4834d ago

As far as conversations between fanboys go, this was actually going relatively well until Quackpot stormed in just now, calling people "pathetic tools".

Come on, be nice, QP. I'm out of bubbles now, so I'm out.

meepmoopmeep4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

"you buy a console for games and thats exactly what the 360 does"

should be interesting when the 720 comes out. i'd like to see how you complain it's not only a gaming console anymore. mandatory installs as well.

get with the program, consoles are evolving. last i remember the ps3 plays games very well. sure sony focused on blu-ray at first but it's not like they forgot about the gaming aspect of the ps3.

Pornlord4834d ago

I agree with Rice, maybe these features should have been in the first one's shipped, but with this update, it clearly puts PS3 on an even playing field as far as the XMB goes. But Sony does amaze me, it's amazing that every product I recieve from them (TV, WALKMAN, PS3, Universal remotes, sound systems, etc...) lasts as long as it should. Everyone get's some lemons sometime, but they still amaze me. When next gen systems come out, we'll have bigger mandatory HD's, mandatory installs for games, Blu-Ray drives built in, and lord only knows what Sony is gonna think of next. MS will copy to follow suit. Which is fine, as long as they keep pumping out... the... good... sorry, what was I saying??

Yipee Bog4834d ago

Microsoft is a software company, Sony is a hardware company. The only thing is that one of those companies is changing and becoming both.

LeonSKennedy4Life4834d ago

But how long did it take Live to get all these features?

callahan094834d ago

Ummm... Yippee Bog, when it comes to GAMES... Sony is more of a Software company than Microsoft. They own far more game producing studios. Microsoft owns Rare, and some other little ditties here and there, but most of their gaming-software output is just as a publisher paying all the bills for other devs so they can get the exclusive with Microsoft Games Studios embossed on the front.

abczby4834d ago

This is so stupid. First they make us wait 2 years to get this crap instead of giving it to us right out of the box, and now they don't even include in-game chat? WTF?

mdkgod434834d ago

where is the voice chat while playing any game Sony we have all this already wtf


Again trying to justify the shiiibox is better . Unbelievable , Just unbelievable ....stubborn will lead you nowhere . I didnt even think about in game text till someone brought it up. who the F cares . keep making the games and as long I can go online for free ...Yippy .

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Silogon4834d ago

Hmmm, seems a bit odd doesn't it? I guess it could be alright, but I didn't see the option to toggle resolutions in game there. That's going to be a bummer as that was my main function most wanted.

Really, do I wanna play "the nothing song" while playing Resistance 2? No. not really, but what I would of liked is the option to switch to 1080P from 720P on games that allow it like Uncharted and Warhawk for instance. Without backing out of the game and going to your settings and what not. It becomes a hassle.

suedester4834d ago

Why on earth would you want to change resolution during the game? That's hardly a feature everyone is clammering for. Bizarre.

Skerj4834d ago

That's mystifying to me as well, I just unticked everything except 1080p and that's what everything "defaults" to.

Silogon4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Um no it doesn't, pal. If you play cod4 with 720p and 1080p clicked it'll play in 720p. Sorry to say.

If you play motorstorm with only 1080p clicked, it'll play in 480P. don't even try to lie and say it doesn't. Test it right now and I encourage anyone of you who actually have ps3's to do the same.

this means when you "untick" everything, like you say, but 1080P and the game doesn't support 1080p it goes to 480P. This means if you forgot to "tick" back 720P it'll play in 480P rez and that also means you have to back all the way out of the game, go to settings and "tick" 720P so it'll play in HD.

I'm glad I could teach you something today.


Antan4834d ago

Silgon is right, Try playing Everybodys Golf with only 1080p ticked for example. Its actually not the worst idea in the world.

Skerj4834d ago

No need to be snide, it's not like we called you a dumbass for wanting the feature or something. You are correct though, I don't have Motorstorm or Cod4 but Folklore defaulted to 480p when I tried it.

Wolf26pack4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Who says you won't be able to change the Resolution of your PS3 from the in-game XMB. Remember it does say that the Settings Category will be accessible,so who says you can't go to Settings > Display Settings > Video Output Settings and then choose your resolution.

Silogon4834d ago

Well, I hope it is. Also, I didn't catch that in the list, thanks for the heads up. I stay optimistic on this end.

Wolf26pack4834d ago

No Problem just trying to Optimistic too. That is all we really can be let's just not be to dissappointed if none of this happens.

dantesparda4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Is absolutely correct. I wish Sony would fix this already, but Im afraid they wont, and nobody is really b!tching about it, so i doubt Sony will bother with it. I hope it is in this update.

Also, i wish they would allow you to recharge the controllers while the system is off. And also allow downloading while the system is off (just like the 360 does, even though I know its not really off, but rather in a low power/standby state).

I also wish it would output sound out of both the HDMI and the digital optical ouput at the same time (sh!t i would even be happy if it was just stereo out of one of them). Sh!t the PS2 used to do it (with the analog out and the optical out)

And i wish that people would start b!tching about these things, but i bet most wont and instead will b!tch at me for saying it. Remember people, never hurts to have the features/settings.

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Relcom4834d ago

High five Sony! i am very happy with the features

paul_war4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Well I've been saying E3!

"Friend category
View, send, receive messages
Manage downloads
Set the vibration feature of the controller
Sign in to PlayStation Network
Register friends
Manage Bluetooth devices
Terminate the game
Music category
Use the system BGM
Work the system BGM operation panel
Settings category
Assign controllers
View profiles
Game category
Set audio devices
Use the voice changer"

A good list, but why the hell DID IT EVER TAKE THIS LONG?

Fishy Fingers4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

I'm sure people are capable of clicking the link.

Regarding the time, reducing the OS footprint, while maintaining all the features (and implementing others) is no easy task when you have no free memory to play with.

~care to share why you disagreed?

LJWooly4834d ago

You'd be surprised, Fishy Fingers.

crimsonfox4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

disagreed because people do this all the time whats the point in being a jackass now???...just shut up and keep scrolling down it shouldn't bother you much.people might like reading comments first then checking and this might just be a nice for some...if they cant open the page for some reason


paul_war4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

Well the links do not always work for everyone (people at work etc) & this is an important list!

Whatever the reasons, I believe these are feaures that should have been in the PS3 since day 1. There is no excuse to make me leave a game just to read a message. However I'm finally glad these features are going to come.

Edit: No problem, I realised my first post took up alot of space, hence the edit!

Fishy Fingers4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

@crimsonfox, please explain to me how I'm being a "jackass"? The majority of my comment was answering his question of why it took so long.

@Paul, I see your point there bro, but I actually wrote my first comment before you edited yours, when the list took up much more space :) Wasn't attempting to be offensive.

crimsonfox4834d ago

i guess jackass was a bit of a harsh word and for that im sorry...

but i ment like why do you even have to say anything about it. it really doesnt matter...a kind of who cares you know..

mbmonk4834d ago

That Sony is holding the 2.40 firmware until E3. We have been waiting a long time for this functionality and for them to hold it just to get a 'buzz' or a bump in PR is disappointing. When it's ready release it. PS3 owners have been 'delayed' on a bunch of items Sony has promised. LBP, Killzone, in game XMB, and Home.. come the f on. Release it when it's ready don't hold it for PR reasons.

DJ4834d ago

that was designed not to have those features is, well...insane? But they obviously pulled it off.

themyk4834d ago

i hope nobody actually thought this was coming out before e3. this is the most important update they have released. it is going to make the psn = to xbl. thats a pretty big deal. it would make absolutely no sense for them NOT to wait. so @ above, you've waited this long, your not paying for it, your getting it anyways, you should be thankful. now let sony open this can of worms the way it was meant to, with a bang. on the mediums biggest platform. it's right around the corner people.

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crimsonfox4834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

well...from all the disagrees and comments everyone's getting/making sounds like some people still aren't happy...what will it take?

well @silogon... thats what future updates are for my friend this is enough for patient like how the majority of us wanted messaging and music more than anything else maybe this time next year you'll get what you want haha i kid but i think this update is damn good for what most of us expected

Silogon4834d ago

I'm happy the majority is getting taken care of, but I still need/wanted the resolution swap in game. It shouldn't have been that big of a deal to include. Again, I am not upset about the update but as I said, it should've included a couple more features for us and knocked it all out so we didn't need another one for 6 more months.

Features needed to be included/nice to have atleast:

1 - Res solution swap in game
2 - Timer for when watching Blu-rays/dvd's
3 - Auto shut down when downloads are complete upon authorization
4 - A clock on the xmb's upper right or left corner or bottom left or right corners.
5 - browser up date to flash player and maybe even an install program function would've been nice.

these are just some things I still want out of the ps3 to be fully 100% happy. I'm glad for you all and all that, but I think number 1 on the list should be there for sure.

badz1494834d ago (Edited 4834d ago )

that sony didn't even seriously planning on putting this feature on the PS3 in the very 1st place. I really think that their main focus was to enable online gaming for free and PS store for downloading demos and everything. then came these gamers whom already been gaming in XBL before the PS3 launch and expected these features to be included out of the box. then when they found thet it was not there, they started complaining and demanding for this and that!! for me, that's the only explanation for the late coming of these very feature!

the funny part is when Sony announced it, people especially the xbox fanboys are saying that sony is copying the XBL when clearly Sony are putting all these because of their demands! another thing is, people are still complaining!? what the hell people?? it's coming and for god sake it remains FREE! for person like me who had never use XBL, I don't really care for these features! I love PSN for what it is and of course, extra features are always welcomed as long as it stays free and no one will ever convince me that $50 annually for XBL is ever worth it!!